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“Arpan” – an eye opening and precious Idea, Worth spreading!

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What’s TED?

Not again..

I told you to answer in an alternative way!

lets meet some one to explore this answer and also to raise few more thought provoking questions!


” Our first esteemed speaker is – Ms. Pooja Taparia ! ”

The random anchor tried introducing the speaker’s contributions to youth and society … and as the announcement finished,  the stage almost sparkled with the magnetic and dazzling personality of Ms. Pooja Taparia!

PoojaTaparia is founder and CEO of Arpan, an NGO based in Mumbai with a mission to prevent the occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and heal those who have been affected by it!

A pretty young lady with beautiful dimple glittered smile appeared and it was really tough to decide whether to focus on her amazing krishmatic presence or to her contribution to society!

With a warm smile she started talking on a real tough topic- Child sexual Abuse!

{of course I will not state her speech here word by word, as i want you all the experience it LIVE, soon with TED video! }

In simple yet effective and though provoking words she started putting up a subject , needed to be discussed a lot yet we don’t!

Pooja explained that child sexual abuse it not only violation to a child’s body but the trust ! This violation can have a significant impact on how child as a victim and later on as an adult survivor sees and experiences the world! She also gently narrated interesting case studies and explained that the effect of childhood sexual abuse can be damaging but if appropriate support is provided   the effects are not permanent!

The facts Pooja stated were indeed shocking in our so called sanskari and closed society!

She listed few eye opening statistics like…

  • More than 53% children report facing one or more forms of sexual abuse
  •  50% of sexual offenders were known to the victim or were in positions of trust (family member, close relative, friend or neighbor).
  • Boys were equally at risk as girls.

– According to WHO( World Health Organization, India has the world’s largest number of sexually abused children, with a child below 16 years raped every 155th minute, a child below 10 every 13th hour and one in every 10 children is sexually abused at any point of time!


now a question must come in your mind, who is Pooja Taparia and what’s worthiness of these statistics and discussion alone when nothing concrete has been done ?

Folks, Let me formally introduce you to Ms. Pooja Taparia– A women of substance and clear vision!

Pooja Taparia is founder and CEO of “Arpan”, an NGO based in Mumbai with a mission to prevent the occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and heal those who have been affected by it.

Pooja is  graduate in Applied Art/ Graphics design and commerce, born in Business family, Being entrepreneur was the first step where Pooja invested her Ideas and energy in developing family business . She also successfully managed a number of high-profile freelance design print and web media projects.

Perhaps Money , Fame or business were neither goal nor dream for her creative soul and so Pooja has spent over 8000 hours working in the voluntary sector, investing her time, expertise and resources with an educational institute based in Gujarat, before starting Arpan.

now wondering ~Whats ARPAN ?

Arpan is currently working in Mumbai, with a child centric model of intervention in the area of child sexual abuse with a balanced emphasis on prevention and healing components.

While the focus is on children, Arpan also understands the need for reaching out to adult survivors of child sexual abuse in order to support them in an adequate manner and prevent any further re-victimization as well as enable them to heal from the impact of child sexual abuse.

Arpan has so far helped over 28,000 children and adults directly and 60,000 indirectly.

Arpan has won multiple awards for its exemplary work and high organizational standards including the National Child Health Award in 2009, the CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices in 2012 and the India NGO Award 2011.

Pooja was also awarded the ‘Karmaveer Puraskaar’ award by INCONGO in year 2010 for her work on Child Abuse.

Pooja has recently been invited on the Board of UnLtd India [which is an incubator for social entrepreneurs] to play an advisory role on their strategies and programs.


A lot I want to write about Pooja Taparia and her soulful contribution to society- “Arpan” , But then it will be spoon feeding!

So, Go explore and dont forget to Share –

“World free of Child Sexual Abuse” – is Vision of ARPAN !

I  salute to Pooja Taparia and her courageous contribution to society “Arpan”!

I could find An IDEA worth Spreading in Pooja’s ARPAN to Society, What about you?


dont tell me you are still wondering, ~  What’s TED?

ahem … ahem….

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