Bhumika Desai Shah

“TED” – What’s that?

In Learning Horizones on October 5, 2012 at 8:15 am

“What is TED….? ”  

“Google for it…. ”


” Can you please let me know little about TED? I searched on Google but couldn’t get more! ”

” go and explore on- .”


Recently I had been fortunate enough to attend a TED event and eager to share my experiences of attending the same.

in above both the scenes , the one who is lazy  and curious at the same time is of course me!

And with this two dialogues and pinching short and sweet answers the journey to- ” TED, whats that?” starts!

Few Google searches, redirecting to one and the same web portal, finally made me sink in and concentrate on the official TED website-

Unlike usual professors and engineers, Technical details never excite me, neither long descriptions! I had expected long write ups explaining TED concepts or events… but….

Surprisingly- that was not what i ended up on TED website, …. relieved with the first glance, it showed random tagged videos!!! …. Wait, it was first glance , so i was not even aware that these  random videos shown on home page are actually  called TED TALKs!!

Here I go..

One or two initial videos made me realize, oops – its almost out of my processing bandwidth! The assent of almost all speakers made me fumble and playing it again even couldn’t help! for those who said I am very Good with communication skills- I am horrible, I felt!

Now i couldn’t ask the question again- ” whats TED?” , as i knew the answer already, given Twice perhaps most precise answer possible!

Noticed- “search” widget and the googling skills helped finally! Tried my luck, searching with the tag- “india” and it brought a big smile reading Harsha Bhogle,  Nandan Nilekani , Anil Gupta , Prnava Mistry , Kiran Bedi and other similar famous names on a page!

Started playing the videos one by one… skipped one or two as they were not in my area of interest, replayed the ones i loved and … soon i started exploring and loving the concept of TED – visually, without reading a single technical- non technical word!

Exciting, Cheerful, Content, Eager, starving for more exploration – so many feelings together! Like a small kid slowly learning new things, i started my journey in the entire new world of- “Ideas Worth Spreading” – TED!

For those, who are reading this and are new to TED..

Don’t dare and ask-

“What is TED?”

I am not going to summaries it…

Either you can experience as i did from TED website,

or enjoy the journey with my words and narrations!

I will share my experience here in a series, in sequence and timeline and you have to infer the concept from it!

Lets start exploring – ” TED- Ideas Worth Spreading” !

Comments are Motivation :)

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