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“Unity Foundation”- Learn saying Yes to sports, NO to drugs!

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Pooja Taparia finished her talk in time, but we were in trans…

perhaps , thought processing…

An idea, thought, awareness and lot more Pooja Taparia had planted in plenty!!

Again the anchor tried drifting our thoughts somewhere… where?


” Now moving ahead, let me tell u a story-

Story of A Boy ,born in Dharavi slum, with high family values , excellent sports skills and outstanding intellect .  Parents dream to mold their son as doctor collapses because of unfair financial reality! A real intelligent mind opts job to support family in place of studies,  gradually meets super rich friends,  gets trapped in drugs!

Here you go, Its not a typical Bollywood Film story , But yes, the one who is Hero of our story – proves out to be a REAL hero in real life!
MR. Rahul POL- founder of unity foundation. As the name suggests, Unity foundation works on the concept of being Unite and helping each other to quite drugs!
Started On his own experience Raul pol has set an extraordinary example how sports can help and rescue one from drugs addiction!
Starting the journey from teaching karate to  6 drug addict kids at sion port, Mr. Rahul pol has planted new hopes and dreams to  countless youngsters.

Lets get the real glimpse of the Larger then life story from real life here- Mr. Rahul Pol.”

The Voice from podium stopped and the second speaker arrived….


Rahul Pol looked like millions of us yet did something extraordinary!




Lets Experience the power of being UNITE…  – Live and exclusive from Unity foundation itself! 


“Unity foundation” works with drugs addicts in Dharavi community on helping them reduce their addiction as well as motivating them to lead better and fruitful life.

We have initiated work in the main areas of  dharavi specially Sion station, Lobar camp Mahim, shastri nagar, Rajeev Gandhi nagar and mukund nagar.

Befor focusing on being “Unity Foundation” – what we are?

let me try to answer- “why we are ?” and “where we are?”

“Dharavi “ ~ what is the first scene that comes in your mind if you listen to this word or when you read this word?

The famous movie “Slum dog millionaire “ movies few frames?

Aaj Tak, India TV or BBC news’s – news steals flashing the increasing crime, poverty and drugs addiction?


the Facebook links and videos showing the poor conditions of largest slum of Asia,  you randomly “liked” to show your awareness and contribution to society and youth welfare?


That’s not Dharavi  actually!

Its home of more then 5 millions  dreams, hopes and struggles to live- in just 10 kilometers radius!

Imagine a day in dharavi….. nap , not through SKYPE or GOOGLE Hangout- online videos…

A day spent in Dharavi,  living the life 5 millions live everyday..

Life of rag-pickers, small scale daily based paid workers- not recognized as a workforce , yet they clean 8000 tons of waste generated daily by the city which even municipality cant handle! These thousands of children women and youth earn a living by selling the dry waste to scrap dealers, and most of the rag-pickers make barely 75-100 rupees a day.

Less or no education, nil employment opportunities, no special earning skills
or motivation factor slowly drag this poor lives to crime, gambling and drugs!  — And we call it DHARAVI EFFECT!

Nap, Its not so! Dharavi has its own beauty, if you have eyes to sense it!

If you visit Dharavi  at afternoon you will be delighted to see kids and teenagers engrossed playing cricket or practicing Karate ! The amazing fact is, without any facility this children and youngsters have set their own high standards in sports by practicing and many of them are big names in Indian sports as we know!

Just imagine, what a miracle it would have been if this youth will get professional coaching or proper facilities to sharpen their skills!

“Sports” !!!

Why we are focusing on sports?  

As sports can provide a form of entertainment and peace of mind. Sports can even cultivate team spirit and leadership qualities! Also excellent sports skills can open new career opportunities to the youth!

The youth trapped in drugs is not total innocent but they are not even morons to be punished for unforgettable sins!

Small, unorganized, informal meetings with the drug addicts made us realize that they got trapped in drugs because they were not occupied actively in any skilled work and were easily influenced by their friends or drug suppliers!

We at Unity foundation, feel that we will be able to gather these youth through sports especially Karate and Cricket as most of the youth aspire to be healthy but are unable to do so as they do not have a strong support system.

We , through this medium of sports and personal counseling will be offering support to these youth to help them build their lives.

Our main objective through sports is to get these youth together and get them to actively participate in our activities leaving them less or no time to consume drugs.

Once we get them to part of the programmed, then we will guide them to live a healthy life and offering them vocational training so that they can build their skills.

Once they have learnt some skills we would offer them placement opportunity depending on their interest and skills.


Unity Foundation implanted a thought, a dream an IDEA- worth spreading…

Its never too late when you want to live, smile and achieve…. Rahul Pol sets an excellent example of same!


What Idea you captured from this post?

TED – whats that?


Idea – worth spreading , once spreaded can change million lives!

Comments are Motivation :)

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