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Prayas – lets love environment, lets love ourselves!

In Learning Horizones, TED on November 26, 2012 at 7:25 am

Prayas - Team Environment  “To strive in united team endeavor for conservation of nature     and protection of environment through education and direct action.” -is Mission statement of PRAYAS- INDIA .

Perhaps having a BIG mission statement or using decorative words for significance are easy to frame, but the example “Prayas India” is projecting is outstanding and unique in a way!

PRAYAS: Team Environment” as the name suggests is a collective endeavor, an effort to make some change in our lives through education and direct action towards conservation of environment and nature.

So what is new? One more NGO ??

Certainly not!

Prayas is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, who are already working actively in their own professions but the passion for nature and humanity ties them with Prayas!

“Prayas” works focusing on interesting Objectives such as..

  • Environment Education and Nature Conservation through direct and indirect actions. Primary target area of our direct interaction is the educational institutions of urban and rural areas of Surat and South Gujarat but we aim to touch as many as we can in India and the world.
  • To work towards building a sensitive human society that values the human existence on earth in tune with nature, starting from small community actions and working at grass root.
  • Creating a strong voice in support of environmental issues amongst urban and rural community.
  • To extend our resources and abilities to the government and non-government organizations with similar objectives towards environment and nature

Now apart from good words, the Good acts needs focus too!

  • PRAYAS Team Environment has honored over 40,000 (Forty Thousand) Rescue calls for animals, birds, snakes, wildlife from 2005 to 2012.
  • They have Trained over 300 people for technical rescue of animals, birds, and over 100 people for snake and reptile rescue.
  •  They Have developed unique instruments and equipments needed for rescue work and now they are being used all over India by hundreds of such NGOs, Government Departments, other establishments.
  •  They have Saved over 400 trees in Surat, by working with SMC and BRTS by helping in road planning and also transplanted many fully grown trees [ almost about 384] during March 2009 to May 2012.

Now – why all of a sudden we are discussing about Prayas ?

Answer- Its the dream of Mr. Darshan Desai , the next TEDx speaker.

In 2005 Mr. Darshan Desai started NGO- PRAYAS[a team environment Charitable Trust] , Leading a Team of inspired young people for environment education and conservation, also contributing in some social causes and emergency relief.

“Lead; follow or get out of the way.” – the fantastic quote is what Mr. darshan Desai Lives and inspires others too live it too!

Mr. Darshan Desai did Chemical Engineering with Specialization in energy conservation and Recycling – Environment Engineering and P.G. Diploma in Computer Science and Applications (South Gujarat University)

He currently works with Engineering business promoting Energy Saving – Environment Friendly technologies and also his  Part time occupation includes– Outbound Management Training.

Being a Versatile Soul , he Joined Nature Club Surat as volunteer in 1985 at an age of 8 years. Established Animal and wildlife rescue network for the first time in Surat in 1998.

He Served SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and culture amongst Youth) Surat Chapter as Coordinator and also contributed in the State coordination Committee.

“Tree Watch” as well as “Bird rescue” – are the Huge contribution PRAYAS team has made for nature and humanity!

Lets make PRAYAS – to save nature and humanity with Prayas-India! 


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