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“Benny Prasad” ~ Inspiration redefined!

In Learning Horizones, TED on January 18, 2013 at 7:57 am

“Inspire To Do” ~ An Inspiration in all ways is “Benny Prasad”!

What a musician will have to speak as an inspiration? – was the first thought in my mind before the speech!

Thinking of guitar or guitarist – all i could visualize was Yash chopra movies and Shah Rukh Khan! – Nothing inspirational about it, was the first thought!

But…But…But… I was totally wrong!

Speech , followed by his little magical guitar piece- shook me from within!

“Mesmerized” ~ is only one word possible to describe the feeling one gets , when he is playing guitar! 

Listening to the speech of Benny Prasad,  forced me to re-evaluate my views and perceptions towards ~ life, aim, happiness, family and specially god!


let me share few facts and information about this real life living inspiration with you all…

“God’s Power can bring any change in any ones life! “

Benny Prasad sets above quote true!

Born on 6th August 1975, in Bangalore, India, Benny was the first of his generation in the family. Parents had high hopes and lovely dreams for Benny, but his was not a promising start, as he suffered from severe asthma,  forcing him to take cortisone steroids from which  he developed rheumatoid arthritis, 60 % lung damage and an immune system regular failing him, which threatens his life even to this day.

His father a highly regarded scientist at the National Aerospace Laboratories & mother assistant director of FEBA Radio,  had bright plans for Benny’s career and life and to fullfill same they spent a lot of time trying to drill mathematics and science into Benny but in vain. This brought his family only shame and disappointment. Finding no fulfillment in life, Benny became depressed and his behavior continued to worsen. He reached out to what seemed the only way out for him and CONTEMPLATED TO COMMIT SUICIDE AT THE AGE OF 16. By this stage he was almost beyond caring about where he went or what he did, so it was not too difficult for his mother to “convince” him to attend a youth retreat as she had desired and there began his journey towards new life.

From being shame of his family, Benny Prasad became pride of the family!

In reality, Benny Prasad had AN ENCOUTER WITH GOD. It came to him unasked and unsought for as he heard GOD SPEAK TO HIM, saying. “Benny, even though you are called USELESS ALL YOUR LIFE, I NEED YOU NOW AND I CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOU A NEW CREATION.”

Finally a fresh start!

A new birth!

That was all it took to bring about a complete transformation in this lost and hurting young man. For the first time, He heeded this positive call, worked on it, and began life with what we would all long to have – A clean slate. God gave him new dreams, new goals, and a positive desire. This time, Benny walked with dignity and resonated with the joy of the Lord.

Benny says “If I could be made useful, any one in this world can. If my dreams can come true, yours can too. My sin and shame has been exchanged for righteousness and new life by the ALMIGHTY GOD WHO DIED TO SET ME FREE. For those with no hope, there is more to life than what today holds. I thank God that I did not end my life but rather chose to live through shame and failure so that today I’m able to be a blessing to the World. Remember, you are never too bad or sinful for God to redeem and transform”.

God’s power brought the most powerful change in Benny’s life. Before this transition he had displayed no interest or ability in music!!! But from that moment to the present, he has performed before PRESIDENTS AND PARLIAMENTS, CULTURAL STAGES OF THE 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES AND THE 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP. He has TRAVELLED TO 250 NATIONS (JULY 2011) performing music, earning him the honor of being THE FASTEST TO TRAVEL TO 245 NATIONS IN 6 YEARS, 6 MONTHS 22 DAYS (WORLD RECORDS ACADEMY – USA).

Where he had once been the destroyer of creativity, he has won renown by designing two guitars (THE WORLD’S FIRST BONGO GUITAR AND A 54-STRING GUITAR, THE BENTAR!). Today, through his music, Benny brings the Hope In God to thousands of people, travelling to 40 – 50 countries every year.

Truly Remarkable! 

Its never too late to give a fresh start! 

Lets learn lesson from his speech / his life and implant new hopes, new dreams and new faith in life, towards life! 

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