Bhumika Desai Shah

“PINK” is not Me, I am different ~ Liza Donnely hits with cartoons!

In commuter's rage.., Learning Horizones, TED on February 4, 2013 at 8:47 am

After watching above video, if you wonder about the lady of difference,let me introduce her- Liza Donnelly.

Liza Donnelly joined the United Nations initiative Cartooning for Peace in 2007. She travels worldwide to speak out about freedom of speech, world peace, and other global issues. She’s a founding member of the Cartoonists Association, and also teaches women’s studies at Vassar. More about her can be read at-
Why all of a sudden I am posting this?

Well…. read it 🙂


“Oh, why you made her have hair cut?” – was the expression in everyone’s eyes, when yesterday my daughter had a haircut. Just 4 years old she is. As hairdo was disturbing her sleeping schedule and school deadlines, we decided to have haircut for her, short and manageable!

but, SHE is SHE, a girl, expected to have long hairs! Why?

Girls do have log hairs, they should like and wear PINK, they should behave well, they should speak at low pitch, they should take interest in cooking, they should sacrifice their will and dreams for loved ones!


Liza Donnelly in above video says that straight and all, my words will be mere repetition!

definitely –

Women+humor = change!

and we can change our logic-less rituals or fake traditions with the help of humor!

lets don’t impose PINK or BLUE on any soul!

Let a human being evolve as per his/her orientation, not gender alone!

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