Bhumika Desai Shah

A pic every year, nurturing father-daughter bond!

In commuter's rage.., Learning Horizones, TED on February 7, 2013 at 11:10 am

after watching above video, i am sure we are gonna capture all important moments in steals!
Steven Addis exceptionally and beautifully explains importance of – “just a pic”!
A father~ Daughter bond and the role of “just a pic” every year at the same location is what he treasured!


“can you please take a pic for me?” ~ we do hesitate asking such favor to strangers [ thinking we are behaving crazy ..] and miss many priceless memories as a cost!

A picture may sound “just a pic”- but it treasure many emotions, memories and bonds!

Sharing this pic as a regret for not having such captured moments!

Papa suddenly passed away and left a hollow in heart that cant be filled!
but if had such beautiful pictures treasured, could at least cherish the wonder moments lived with papa!

Thanks – Steven , for such an awesome concept, at least many who will watch this video will not miss having memories as pictures!
P.S.- more details of the speaker can be found at –

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