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Domestic Violence, speak out the nightmare and walk out- Leslie Morgan Steiner suggests!

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above video ,seems like a movie story to you?

If yes, You are lucky as you have not experienced a nightmare called- “domestic violence”!
If No, you are not alone!


Leslie Morgan Steiner bravely explains her life story with insights!

“Why she/He couldn’t leave relation when the relationship started paining or when there were early signs of domestic violence? “ ~ is not an easy Question for the ones who are living this pain!

Domestic violence is gender less issue and it can occur with any one, from any gender, having any education background, holding any professional skill set!
mostly domestic violence occurs in intimate, interdependent long term relationships! the ones – we call family and where we least expect any kind of violence!

Leslie Morgan Steiner very well explains signs of it and also solutions!

SPEAK OUT ~ ultimate solution she suggests, arguing that the abuser becomes more violent as we hide pain and incidents! So, when it starts, oppose- say straight NO. tell it to every one around you!


Lets create families and relationships with love, trust and feelings!
Lets say loud and clear NO to domestic violence!
If it happens, Lets be brave to speak out and walk out!



More about speaker :-

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