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Self Defense – Yes, you NEED to learn!

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“This way dear, in seminar hall. the workshop on self defense must have already started, we are late!”- I directed one of my student towards workshop which was- only for girls.

“Ma’am, is it compulsory to attend? And seriously, do you think i need to attend workshop for my defense? I am self sufficient!” – the bubbly teenage student replied.

“lets discuss the NEEDS after workshop sweets!”- and we entered the workshop 10 minutes late!


“Ma’am, Thanks a lot! I felt really empowered! the workshop broke many of my myths! and I attended just as you pushed, so Thanks again! “- the same powerful self sufficient girl exclaimed after workshop and we both laughed loud!


We, at our institute – Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology-SCET, had a workshop on self defense for girls , organized by SCET’s  “cultural and social activity” and “women empowerment cell” , in association with salamat surat.

Let me introduce the instructor –  Mr. Pamir Shah. He is professionally trained instructor from WARDA- Women Against Rape and Domestic Abuse, USA. Till date after Delhi gang rape case, he has successfully organized more then 60 workshops on self defense across India.

What was so special in the workshop, Let me summarize!


Self Defense

Self Defense workshop at SCET by Mr. Pamir Shah
Help Yourself- Learn How, right NOW!

Mr. Pamir Shah explained- Rape or domestic violence are abuses which can break victim physically as well as emotionally!

Like an accident, It may happen to any one , so every one should be prepared with possible knowledge as well as defense techniques- that’s Need!

When any such abuse happens the first problem is , victim gets so much shocked that she cant even scream loud – and that’s the problem! Screaming for help is an instant reaction one must exhibit, as it cant be practiced!

Mr. Pamir Shah interestingly explained that in case of any abuse there can be 3 types of resistances shown by possible victim or by us in support of victim! First is Social Resistance , second is Psychological Resistance and last is Physical Resistance.

In case of any emergency which steps can be taken were very well explained by Mr. Pamir shah and following are few.

  • When you are travelling by auto or rented vehicle with driver and suddenly you realize  that the driver perhaps is driving on wrong path with bad intentions, attacking  him- is not at all solution. You can not even jump off the running vehicle as it may be killing action! Wise advise is to make a fake call- to pretend the driver that the one on other side of the call knows your location and can rescue you any time! keep on describing where you are, which lane or area you passed and how soon you will reach a landmark location on fake call, which can alert the driver about the danger of executing anything wrong with you!
  • As advised after each abuse or rape, one cant carry a weapon or mirchi powder with her! so find out prospective weapons you have for your self defense! following are few..
  1. pen – Its the most easily available weapon! though it can not be used straight as knife,  but if used to scratch on hand or neck- it can b brutal.
  2. paper spray are well advised but if you don’t have one, perfume or deo in purse can also be used same ways!
  3. Water Bottle has the top always a solid portion. Even the ordinary bisleri bottles have solid opening. Use this solid opening to propel against abuser to push him away.
  4. safety pin is mightiest as well as invisible weapon. always carry one with you. it can be used brutally on open areas of body.

Anything and everything you have handy can help you protect yourself, if you will and know how to use!

But in case you don’t have any potential weapon, physical resistance- direct attack is only defense possible.

Many different simple attacks can help if used on time smartly, few are shown in image below.

P.S.- Image Courtesy – Google Images 

Girls, Feel differently powered being you! 

Know your potential and use it wisely!

When your physical stamina limits, your emotional strength can balance!

Stop crying for help, Do your help – SELF!!!

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