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FOOD, INC. ~ How it changed my perception!

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“Have you got nuts? Cooking on Sunday morning? Don’t tell me i forgot our anniversary or your birthday- You are in kitchen on Sunday morning indicates it must be an occasion- Special !!!”  – with utter surprise my hubby asked. It was really a historical  moment , I also believe!

“No, nothing special. I just thought of cooking healthy meal, for a change. “- My reply was not going to satisfy the shock i knew!

“and this chaneg comes from? You know- you are actually behaving like woman first time, is it shopping or movie- back on your mind? “- Behaving like woman is the least expectation from me from all who know me well! I behave as HUMAN- I take it as!

“I have better ways to pass my demands you know! Its just special effects of watching the documentary  movie yesterday! I told you about it- FOOD, INC.  After watching this movie I realized cooking is not just a  job i have to do, Its something beyond! FOOD is not just ingredients we put in our body- Its something beyond! “- I started sharing the secret!

” I am not getting the reason neither what all you are explaining! but watch the movie every Friday- I advise!”- though he knows I follow my own wills – Mr. Shah tried, advises are what i never deny to accept!


FOOD, INC.  – is a 2008 American documentary film directed by Emmy award winning film maker Robert Kenner.

No, I am not going to talk about the LIST of wonders MR.Kenner has shown to world, Definitely I wanna share what i perceived from the movie.

The movie reveals lot about-  American food industry! About how industrial FOOD production is making the nation less healthy. The film takes consumers on a  journey from the supermarket  to meat-packing plants to Congressional food-safety hearings to demonstrate how a handful of corporations often put profit ahead of consumer health, worker safety and the livelihood of the American farmer.

If you are Thinking- Its not Issue in INDIA, You are still in some trans!


Don’t expect me to share the story-line of the movie here! but certainly i will share links which will help you explore about the movie!

1)  IMDB info LINK-

2) Movie Trailer LINK- 

Let me share with you all, what i perceived from the movie- which at least helped me to change my perception towards FOOD and cooking.

  • VOTE FOR CHANGE – 3 TIMES a DAY ( with every meal and byte
    you consume!)- { Healthy FOOD is a basic right all humans have. The present system is forcing us to surrender our right to healthy food to so called MNC FOOD players. Slowly we have changed our diet habits and food preferences, unknowingly we are heading from natural to artificial. – CHANGE is what we must shout for! }
  • Opt for Seasonal FOOD and READ Labels – { When we have multiple options with a FOOD product, we most of the times select on the basis of offer they provide ( buy 1 get 1 free) or how fancy they look! – Read label , your stomach is not a dustbin, fill it wisely! }
  • Shop for food at LOCAL market – {Imagine if you travel 1500 miles how you will smell ? – certainly stale and soaked up!  FRESH is local, buy from local farmer’s market or own a small garden! }
  • Cooking is expressing your love– { Cook food with family and eat together! even machines don’t overload their parts, we are humans! Divide and distribute Cooking responsibility in family – make cooking  fun time with family where all are involved! }
  • ASK Questions– { If your kid’s school provides Food in-house,  ask them for menu and suggest healthy alternatives! Ask the local vegetable vendors , from whom you usually buy veggies about the products you buy- how,  what and where- asking is being aware! }

If we want change in current FOOD system- We need to change our food habits and choices!


My resolutions

1) Buying from local vendors that to seasonal only!

2) Cooking at home more often,

3) While eating out – selecting FOOD by nutrition it provides not just by fancy look it is served in.

4) Will try to develop good interest in cooking also,  considering it as an art and will slowly try involving my family too  🙂 !

5) Will never feel hesitant asking questions about FOOD that I am consuming direct- whether at branded supermarket or at fancy restaurants!


P. S.

I am obliged to those who involved me with the initiative ( Especially to Sanjay Panjabisir and Niket Shastrisir), Learning is all I achieved and i am looking forward to!

Press Notes :

City-Sandesh 🙂

city~ sandesh :)

city~ sandesh 🙂

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