Bhumika Desai Shah

SHE~ has lost all hopes on you, yes you!

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One long year……

We posted our views on FB/Twitter/Whatsapp to oppose harassment and abuse towards Women!

We lit candles, We signed petitions, We discussed on high pitch about what all we should/must do to create civilized society…

CHANGE …. do you see it?


Its a usual day! very usual.

SHE has boarded in an auto, a shared one, like millions of other working humans.

SHE is tired of a long tough working day! SHE is listening music to ease her nerves. Something is annoying HER. SHE is repeatedly adjusting her dupatta for no reason! SHE is gazing out of overloaded auto to escape from something! Something is boiling her temper… SHE is annoyed for Eyes constantly staring at HER. Eyes moving carefully on each and every curve of HER. Eyes aching deep inside, making sour wounds. SHE feels sort of dirt spreading slowly slowly everywhere inside HER…

SHE wants to shout. SHE wants to slap. SHE wants to punch. SHE wants to object. but SHE didn’t. SHE is fade up of being labelled REBEL/BOLD/SLUT for every shout or oppose SHE did to save her dignity and honor. SHE has accepted nothing will change.

SHE again gazed out, on the road, to escape, to avoid.

HER mind objects escaping the disgust. HER soul asks – is SHE an object or mean of entertainment? SHE observes herself again and wonders- is SHE not wearing proper cloths or is SHE behaving like a slut? HER mind blows on herself.

suddenly auto stops, but the anger wont!

and SHE asks calmly to the owner of those eyes- ” So you really had good time eyeing on me? What was so much fun in staring? Are you satisfied at least for today, not to emotionally stalk or visually rape any other girl?”

Those two eyes, fearless – dirty and disgusting till now… gets immediately down with shame and humiliation.

SHE moves on. SHE has to.

Nothing will change, unless WE want to change!


SHE is seating on a corner of a seat in a train. SHE is reading a book. SHE is commuting like millions other working humans. SHE is everyday travelling in same coach, with familiars strangers around. SHE tries to keep herself as stranger to others always. today, the coach SHE travels by is overloaded. SHE is lucky to get a small corner to rest, but SHE is still troubled. She is sort of suffocated in crowd. She realizes- what one can not dare doing alone, attempts being part of crowd. The crowd around her is making her conscious for being female. Human bodies not mistakenly but intentionally tries pushing her. Human souls around HER treats her like object to use and enjoy! SHE feels flames inside. SHE burns at her core. SHE tries to avoid, SHE tries to move aside and protect herself. As SHE regresses the ill intentions and the evil force increase, the body besides starts daring little more.

SHE wants to scream. SHE wants to slap. SHE wants to shout for help. SHE wants to… but SHE knows the excuse- its crowd. SHE feels horrible for being oddest part of CROWD.

SHE moves towards the door of the coach, SHE tries to breath fresh air.

SHE is angry on herself for not protesting or opposing. but SHE know, nothing will change!

CHANGE- have we changed?

Really, WE wish to change?- if YES, when? how?



SHE is an average Indian female of any age, caste, religion.

SHE faces abuses and harassment of all kind, degree and genre frequently, very frequently.

SHE shouted, opposed, argues, fought in past against disgust- for change. Now, SHE don’t! SHE wont! SHE has lost all hopes!

SHE is not human, definitely not!

  1. Super as usual, Bhums.


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