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How movies teach manhood ~ Colin Stokes

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Watching TED-talks has always been adoring self for me!

Today above wonderful video made my day!

Colin stokes, in this talk tries to discuss a very important question- “How movies teach manhood?”

You must presume reading the title of video that he must have shared kinda “movies spoils our kids” experience! but you are wrong here!

Colin asks some basic questions here, in the background of his own experience! We all agree that movies do have a great impact on our self and since childhood we live that fancy world of movies somewhere within! Colin talks about the kids movies, Sci-Fie movies and also recent movies- comparing female characters in all! We all have seen lots of Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies, having something in common- that is  “save the princess and be the hero” Syndrome! Colin asks a very basic question – “Why we make such movies where the female characters always wait for savior, the male characters behave as hero always! why not otherwise?”

and Colin comes with a well needed question :

One out of five women in America say that they have been sexually assaulted some time in their life. Now, I don’t think that’s the fault of popular entertainment. I don’t think kids’ movies have anything to do with that. I don’t even think that music videos or pornography are really directly related to that, but something is going wrong, and when I hear that statistic, one of the things I think of is that’s a lot of sexual assailants. Who are these guys? What are they learning? What are they failing to learn? Are they absorbing the story that a male hero’s job is to defeat the villain with violence and then collect the reward, which is a woman who has no friends and doesn’t speak? Are we soaking up that story?

He sums up it as…

“I think we have got to show our sons a new definition of manhood.  The definition of manhood is already turning upside down. You’ve read about how the new economy is changing the roles of caregiver and wage earner. They’re throwing it up in the air. So our sons are going to have to find some way of adapting to this, some new relationship with each other, and I think we really have to show them, and model for them,how a real man is someone who trusts his sisters and respects them, and wants to be on their team, and stands up against the real bad guys, who are the men who want to abuse the women. ”

Dear Colin, you have explained it wonderfully!

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