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Chapter-4 : Web Of Fate (Game of Blogs at BlogAdda)

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Team Name: Vijeta

Chapter 4:


Staring at dark sky Jennifer felt like those stars. Far far away are the missing clues trying to complete a story. A story that all those pale letters tried to narrate, but failed. A story that had few words but lots of emotions. Jennifer dreamily gazed towards the sparkling white stars assuming that perhaps one of them will fall down and she will make a wish to crack the puzzle.

She closed her eyes and tried to catch some breath. And with her eyes closed, all those words surrounded her once again. And with those words and pale yellow letters, fresh glimpse of Cyrus merged making the story more mysterious for Jennifer.

“Time is supreme power, Love is ultimate weakness…

Human chasing power, seldom values emotional wealth!

Money may be aim for many, does that repay for broken promises and unfulfilled commitments?

I, in the crowd of many, is lonely inside…

I, in the search of truth, haven’t lived lie?

Lie, colourless-rude and brutal…

I have been a living lie… since long…

I have been a lie…

In pursue of love and happiness, I have been a lie!”

Jennifer could recall that poem distinctly as she had read it over and over. The poem had some pain which Jennifer could feel. That poem had some truth concealed within. Jennifer was seeking it.

And her thought processing was broken with a message beep. Jennifer knew it had to be text from Cyrus. Cyrus – the only link she had to solve the puzzle of those letters.

She quickly opened the message. It read- “Stranger, yet friend! Why are we connected so closely, so fast? What if this stranger offers you a ride through the heart of this city?”

Jennifer thought, No. Not so fast. Deep within, Jennifer wanted to meet Cyrus at the very moment. But she knew that one wrong move could spoil the sport.

With Cyrus’s text, his fresh picture also blinked reminding her something. And once again, Jennifer was pulled within the hurricane of mysterious words rolled inside old faded letters. With closed eyes, Jennifer tried to read the last letter. The letter which had mentioned Cyrus. Slowly, those words started invading the sub-conscious mind of Jennifer. And that last few lines brought tears in her eyes…

“Your last letter brought a smile on my face after such long time. That photo of yours with the handsome young boy made me giggle. Cyrus has become a grown up man. I still remember the day I had lifted him in my arms. My eyes were filled. My eyes had burst into tears.. Everyone counted it as tears of happiness. Only you and me knew the truth. Truth that holding Cyrus in my hands, I craved for Shekhar. I missed caressing him in my arms with same warmth. Shekhar- the name nearest to my heart, still I can’t utter in front of any one. I’m suffocating, I’m diying inside with the burden of this lie. I dream of the day I can throw off this bunch of ugly lies and fly out for peace and honesty. If not, my soul will also feel caged inside thiese bars of lies. Few days are left and lot to say.. Will we meet in this lifetime?”

Jennifer could recall every word of that last letter as she had read it again and again. Jennifer felt determined to help that soul-  whoever had written that letter.
She looked at the sky once again and slowly replied to Cyrus.

“Stranger, I am an illusion! Chase me, solve me- I am a puzzle! How about meeting at Crosswords? To solve a few riddles?”

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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