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Chapter-8 : Web Of Fate (Game of Blogs at BlogAdda)

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Team Name: Vijeta

Chapter 8:


The road from Safdarjung airport to Sage Hotel flew in moments. Roohi was too tired and almost asleep in Shekhar’s arms. Shekhar and Tara were gazing out of the cab, living every inch of Delhi. Shekhar noticed the sparks in Tara’s eyes when AIIM passed.

“So you remember that first meet? “- Tara literally blushed! After so many months! Rather after so many years.

“how can I forget that? An intelligent, Handsome, perfect eligible bachelor, in love with books, was enjoying the beauty of evening near AIIM, with a cup of tea and a geeky girl had cracked into his life story! ”- Shekhar  muttered with his signature smile.

“Oh, I wonder! Then why on the earth I never met that perfect marriage material-guy? I would have saved.”- Tara continued the game of words, crossing  time boundaries! Tara felt happy and content for planning that much needed vacation. That humor in Shekhar’s tone, was lost since long.  And today she felt like he got him back, the real Shekhar! Tara thanked God for the last minute plan change, to make them re-visit their love days- college days at Delhi, instead of roaming in Paris-almost stranger place.

As Hauz Khas passed by, Tara clutched Shekhar’s hand with the same intimacy and love as if they entered the time frame before 11-12 years.

“Those walks from crossword to Hauz Khas and your non-stop chutter putter, can I have a rewind this evening? I want to hold your hand and walk on the same road and feel the same love. Love that was sole reason of our breathing once.”-Shekhar said with great difficulty! But his eyes said almost everything  that  his words could not.

“Only if I get a fivestar on way back. You know I am on diet, so a small one will work.”- Tara got equally indulged into memories.

“And here we reach. sage Hotel welcomes you sir.” – the cab stopped and the well dressed Chauffeur welcomed with pleasant smile.

“Though Airport authorities had made very decent arrangement for us, I wanted our vacation to be exclusive. I wanted to re-live our memories and so I asked Tarun to get booking in a good hotel in saket. I must thank Tarun for suggesting this hotel and making bookings for us on a single call. It seems quite elegant. Do you know why I had selected this one?”- Tara said with the zeal and spirits of a “teenage girl”.

“Yes sweetheart, I can easily guess that. This one is nearest to our very own-beloved spot- crossword. Saket, this area owns me lot! “-Shekhar said feeling content for having a perfect family, almost perfect now.

“what now?”- Shekhar asked blinking eyes with notorious smile!

“And I know your plans. Lets make Roohi comfortably sleeping first!”-Tara said with a wink and a sexy smile.

While Shekhar was finishing check-in formalities, Tara reached to room with Roohi. And dizzy Roohi felt asleep again. Shekhar entered his room with a knock, and surprisingly it was open and almost empty! Roohi was sleeping on a king size bed but Tara was no where in sight!

For a moment Shekhar panicked. Tara had been working lately on many assignment putting her life in danger. A shiver of fear pased through Shekhar’s body. Balcony, study, lounge, corridor- Shekhar  almost ran to everywhere in a moment.

“Darling!”- Shekhar was stunned with that husky voice, after years he had heard it again. Shekhar turned back and his eyes froze, melted at once! Tara wearing black skater looked sizzling.

The door closed!


Tarun was excited for the jackpot he somehow had won! Since Tara disclosed  her vacation to Paris, Mr. Mani was not happy with him! Mr. Mani even had asked him to gift her a planned vacation, So that they can trace her easily and execute their plan.

Deep Within Tarun feared about Mr. Mani’s secret plan! But as far as that huge money kept on being deposited to his secret bank account, He kept faith on God and Mr. Mani both.

Tarun once again dialed Mr.Mani’s private number.

“Mr. Mani, Tarun here. Good news for you! Tara’s vacation to Paris has been changed to Delhi. And We have been luckier to book her in our own client hotel! I have already forwarded all details to you Mr. Mani.”-Tarun reported like an obedient servant.

“And your efforts will be paid within an hour.”-with a short and rude answer  Mr.Mani disconnected.

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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