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Chapter-13: Web of Fate ( Game of Blogs at Blog Adda)

In commuter's rage.. on September 25, 2014 at 5:42 am

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Chapter 13


Jennifer was surprised, taken aback, confused, shocked- all at once.  Jennifer was feeling numb thinking correlation of this stranger’s name with the name she has been searching for. Jennifer stared Shekhar unknowingly, unwillingly.

“Of course my better half is very handsome! But he is genius writer too. And seating besides you, we overheard the puzzle you had been reciting. Shekhar loves solving puzzles.”-said Tara smartly.

“Yes of course, he is handsome! but I was stuck at his name.”-Jennifer spoke the words out of her will and wish.

“Shekhar is very common name I guess. Shekhar means Crest as well as Lord Shiva. Though I don’t find much co-relation of my name and my qualities.”-Shekhar as per his nature tried to turn up thing with humor.

“Its proved that your name makes significant impact on who you are. I believe as Tara said you are someone at crest, an unexplored crest though!”-Jennifer picked up her words smartly, looking into Shekhar’s eyes, trying to fit in all pieces of her puzzle.

“Is someone going to admire my looks and intelligent also, or I should do that honor on my own?”-Cyrus said wearing his stylish eyewear.

“I was admiring Intellectual beauty Cyrus, not the physical look. And if you have that, show off. Need to remind you that- you just gave up on my puzzle?”-Jennifer tried to tease Cyrus again on his weak point.

“My lord, Defense rests here. Looking into the complexity of the puzzle and unavailability of evidences, I request your honor to grant me another date.”-Cyrus said in typical lawyer’s accent and flair.

“Seems we have interrupted your romantic evening.”- Tara said feeling uncomfortable.

“Mr. Andha Kanoon, please leave us alone with our puzzle. And you will have to earn that date solving one line of puzzle before tonight.”-Jennifer said carelessly.

On the other side of the table, Shekhar felt impatient. As that puzzle was chocking him deep within, since long, even in dreams.

“Time is supreme power, Love is ultimate weakness.. Human chasing power, seldom values emotional wealth! – these lines tries to express someone’s pain of losing everything in chase of power. Perhaps it’s trying to convey that though time is supreme power and Love is ultimate human need, we emphasis more on power, position, prosperity and loose love, emotions, relations. Seems the one who wrote this poem had no one worth to share his/her pain and so wrote this beautiful poem to let words say it all.”-Shekhar said calmly to explaining meaning of first line of poem, his eyes were moist and voice was low.

“Money may be aim for many, does that repay for broken promises and unfulfilled commitments?

I, in the crowd of many, is lonely inside…

I, in the search of truth, haven’t lived lie? ”- Jennifer continued reciting the same poem slowly with closed eyes. Jennifer felt carried away in emotions as well as dragged with mysterious words of those pale letters.

Cyrus, who was in extreme hurry before few moments, felt a pang of mixed feelings. Jennifer’s attraction and interest for Shekhar made him feel jealous, surprised, little insecure and down at once. While Tara knowing Shekhar very well kept calm.

“Lie, colourless-rude and brutal…

I have been a living lie… since long…

I have been a lie…

In pursue of love and happiness, I have been a lie!”-Shekhar slowly completed the puzzle poem.

“One cant over hear such complicated stuff so sharply and correctly. Are you guys working for CID or RAW? I man since so many days I am trying to cram this lines and you not only could crack the meaning but also could remember it word to word. You have got really awesome brain Mr. Shekhar.  I am impressed.”-Cyrus said looking into Shekhar’s moist and mysterious eyes.

“I will be happy if I will be able to impress my editors someday same ways. Some words do make impact on heart, brain never process it. And about this poem, it gave me Déjà vu feel. I have not intentionally heard or remembered those words, I felt like I have heard it many times before. Perhaps in dreams or perhaps in illusion…”-Shekhar played with words. Until he could find out the mystery behind this puzzle poem he knew since childhood, he didn’t wanted Tara, Cyrus or Jennifer to know his part of clue.

“Lie, colourless-rude and brutal. We all are- Lie.”-Jennifer looked intensely in Shekhar’s eyes, to find out truth behind those smart words.

“Jenni, it seems I will have to ask Taraji for nest date as you and Mr. Shekhar have started playing the puzzle poem game so seriously. Have a break, look at these beautiful books around, look at the stunning sun outside, look at the handsome and intelligent guy awaiting for you. Beautiful lady, let’s not talk about puzzle and mystery, lets solve the puzzle of love- yours and mine!”

“And let us also revive our memories ahead!”-Tara holded Shekhar’s hand tightly.

“Yes darling, as you say!”-Shekhar followed Tara quickly and admired Tara inside for her sharp timing. Jennifer was too fast and brilliant that Shekhar feared she will read his story and clues from his eyes, so he wore his dark blue spaces.

Tara and Cyrus walked ahead discussing about India, revision needed in Indian laws and all. Shekhar and Jennifer walked behind slowly, for some reason perhaps.

“It was nice meeting you both! Life is illusion and so we are.”-Jennifer quickly picked up a slick book on Delhi tourism from nearby shelf, wrote her number at last page and placed it back to shelf,  knowing that Shekhar was observing her.

“Cyrus, I just recalled a poem on India and Laws in India. Wait for me, let me recite it for you!”- Jennifer gazed at Shekhar sharply and ran behind Cyrus.

Behind her, Shekhar reached the shelf, found the same book Jennifer had picked up. Opened the last page which said-

“As you are reading this, I have cracked one clue right! Perhaps we are pieces of same puzzle. You can reach me at- **********”

Jennifer holding hand of Cyrus, turned back, giving smile and wink to Shekhar.

Shekhar stood with the “Delhi Tourism” book almost frozen.


“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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