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Chapter-16: Web of Fate ( Game of Blogs at Blog Adda)

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Frozen in the easy comfortable office chair, the great Indian politician Mr. Manichandra Trivedi felt boiling inside. But he was a man who knew how to misuse power, position and money to achieve impossible. Without a second thought Mr. Mani dialed number very calmly, like nothing happened before few moments.

“Wait till my orders. I just want the news update for their every movement. Keep on sending me all details with their GPS information.”-Mr. Mani said with flat calm expressions.

“As you say sir. We are following the family closely. Today’s their details are already mailed on your confidential account. We have got a leak in the hotel too. Everything is in execution as per your plan. We will keep you posted every bit.”- a confident voice said from the other side.

“Keep and eye on that bunny rabbit. If bunny is spotted alone, call me immediately. I am sure we will make it very soon.”-Mr. Mani used some code word and laughed like he was visualizing his plan progressing positively.

“Precisely as your words go.  We have set special watch on cute bunny rabbit. We will trap it soon, of course after your orders only.”-with a cold and evil laugh the person on the other side finished.

“Prabhu more avgun chit na dharo! Hari more avgun chit na dharo!”-Manichandra Trived slowly started chanting lines of his favorite  bhajan and got up slowly to leave Tarun’s office. As the old clicked picture had created havoc in media since two days, Mr. Mani used back-secret door of Tarun’s office to leave.

On the terrace of the multistory classy building of “Maharastra Times”, Tarun stood numb. Tarun kept on staring the vehicles passing by on the road below and thought-“it’s all perception! The giant vehicles look tiny from height! same ways. considering it a small fun cracker, I have stepped in a fire which is going to burn whole jungle!”

On terrace, In a windy evening , Tarun experienced difficulty in breathing and slowly loosened his tie.

“I will have to find a way. I will have to take a U-turn!”-Tarun slowly tried to talk to his inner soul.



Jennifer felt like her eyes are burning. Lazying on bed, she tried every possible solution that earlier helped her sleeping, from listening slow music to read fiction novel, but nothing worked! Jennifer felt like she is going to have more such sleepless nights ahead, as the truth will be unfolded slowly.

Jennifer  jumped out of the bed and put on TV to divert her mind. Neither her favorite cartoon channels nor  Hollywood classic movies helped her elevate her spirits. And surfing the channels dumbly she reached Kochi’s very famous local news channel  and her fingers froze.  The news reporter with an expert panel was exploring known-unknown facts about a famous Indian politician, who originally belonged to Kochi. It was a special program on life-travel of that politician, covering his whole life span  from birth to political heights. Slowly the news reader started showing the very old pictures they had proudly treasured of that political legend. All black and white pictures scrolling slowly kind of narrated story of a common man’s rising. Jennifer stuck at one of the picture where the news reader stopped the scroll sharing an exclusive scoop about that politician’s college life love-affair. The picture on TV screen was intentionally blurred to hide identity of the lady but the politician was clear visible- he was Mr. Manichandra Trivedi. And Jennifer almost ran to her closet and dragged out the precious album she has treasured for years.

Though the album was in her hands, She had seen that pale yellow, black and white picture thousand times, she shivered opening it again. The photo scroll on TV screen changed to a recent picture of Mr. Mani and Jennifer’s eyes sparked. The same picture she had accidentally found before few moments- that exploded the leather tie up of power-position-politics and Money!

Jennifer finally knew the clue about the charming and handsome young man in the second picture. But what all eyes see, may not be all truth, and so Jennifer decided to wait till few more clues unfold. Jennifer’s eyes were moist and tired. But closing her eyes, she felt lost into world of those mysterious words from those pale yellow letters and now added were those two images!

Jennifer set on corner of the table.

“I dream of the day I can throw off this bunch of ugly lies and fly out for peace and honesty. If not, my soul will also feel caged inside these bars of lies.”- She chanted the last lines of that last letter and answered to herself-“I will make your soul free, I will explore the truth for you!”


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