Bhumika Desai Shah

Hate Story – A Letter to all Cowards

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2014 at 7:58 am

I Agree, Word to word!

Dew Drops



I have been undergoing a lot of undue stress over the past few months on personal as well as professional front. And in the midst of all this there comes these thieves who stole my identity for their selfish motives. One thing is clear. Such people have no ethics, no morals, no conscience, no guilt. They’re just plain cheap. I am sorry if my words come out as offensive, but I am angry. I have been offended. And I need to vent it all out in order to remain sane and move forward. My moving forward in no sense means that I’m going to sit back quietly and ignore or forgive those buggers. There’s a very easy way of exposing them. But my upbringing doesn’t allow me to stoop down to their level. Hence this post. If they get it, good for them. If not, they’ll repent.

You know I have…

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