Bhumika Desai Shah

One place ~ I dream and Chase !

In About ME, commuter's rage.. on October 7, 2014 at 6:47 am

An Unusual post on My very Usual and Typical Blog today!

“Toofan Express”-My blog was born with my interest towards stories-talks-videos which- I loved, I will always love, I will love to share and preserve life time! I have been sharing all the stories and talks which touched my heart and soul here. TED Talk, Short film, Documentary, songs, lyrics- I had been sharing my interest here in different modes and moods.

Today, out of the prototype of my blog, I am sharing something very personal. This september, I did participated in “Game of Blogs” competition by Bloggadda and was closely associated with stranger bloggers across India. As a fun part of same, Blogadda celebrated blogging spirit on Twitter too with #celebrateBlogging and asked some interesting questions to all bloggers.

One of the Question was-

I closed my eyes and what I could visualize was…

homeI realized I have wrote about legends, I have wrote about failures, I have wrote fiction, I have wrote even real life stories- but I have not written about the place who made me think, read, write, dream!

That balcony visible in middle( with my Ma, bidding me Bye)- is the place I must write about!

Why? – Let my words sing in rhyme the reason!

Tiny steps, unfocused maps,

world on foot, hands wide open!

little brown eyes, Dreaming…

little brown eyes, Dreaming!

little brown eyes, day Dreaming..

Dreaming small stories, waving fantasies,

Dreaming about future, floating imaginations!

Dreaming about love, crafting sensations..

Dreaming about small-big, everything!!

Little brown eyes, dreaming!

That seed of Dream, implanted in that Balcony,

Those tiny Hope drops showered on Dreams,

once a seed, is now a tree,

big, strong Tree!!

Tree of words,

Words making stories,

Words narrating Fiction,

Words telling real tales,

Words expressing all emotions!

I gathered those words, I gathered them all!

I wrote, I wrote, I wrote them all!

I blogged, I spoke, I shared them all!

and then all of a sudden…. I realized,

A huge tree of words, in my heart and soul..

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder,

That Balcony, Where it was planted, nurtured,

How it shifted here?

Here, In my heart, soul?

I looked back to that balcony, I asked myself..

how? when?

I closed my eyes..

and I got the answer-

That Tree of words, implanted in that Balcony,

is still there in that balcony, as it was!

just That Balcony now is part of my existence, heart and soul!

The balcony, where I dreamed, Learnt, read, evolved!

The balcony, where I played, cried, slept, wept!

The balcony, once where I stood for hours,

Now is inside me- Forever!

– Dedicated to my home at Vadodara (Gorwa area).

– Dedicated to my DAD who implanted Dreams, hopes, words, strength, Life in me 🙂

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