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Margarita with a Straw~ Laila will light up year 2015!

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“It seems interesting, Let me explore!” – It was a first thought!

“I wanna see this movie NOW!”-Was my reaction just after 3.00 minutes!

And I boasted on Google. Asking questions, seeking a link to get answers at any cost!

A movie, I am talking about!

I searched all over on WWW web world, to find out whether that movie is available paid-free on any media? Traversing on all links, all I found was- “This link is removed!”.

But that easily I must not surrender-was my attitude and I gave one other try!

And I found too many links to save my soul. Curiously I read them all.

Alas, I FOUND!

No, I could not find any portal to but DVD of that movie, neither any torrent link to download! But I found lot more interesting stuff about that movie. And also I found that the movie I am searching for will be released in India in 2015.


I am talkin about- Margarita, with a Straw, directed by Shonali Bose, won the NETPAC Award for World or International Asian Film Premiere at the 39th Toronto International Film Festival.

Certainly if you have seen above trailer, you will be eager to know more about this movie, let me help out!

Story line:

{ As I found with the help of GOOGLE Dev! }

Margarita with a straw tells life story of an aspiring writer of Delhi University- Laila. Laila, a girl full of life, suffers from cerebral palsy, yet keeps on celebrating life with music and fun. Laila crafts lyrics and electronic sounds for her university band. Laila is a strong and positive character that cherish creativity and positivity in place of crying over disabilities. In one of the scenes, when her band wins a local contest and the host shows pity on her disability asking-“It must have been hard for you. Can you share something with us?”. Laila shares her middle finger promptly!

Laila seeks freedom, knowledge, life- more and more and chasing same- she reaches New York University. Along with her mother, Laila starts a new chapter of her life at Manhattan with more dreams, zeal and life. Manhattan makes Laila meet someone, who sparks into her beliefs, creativity, dreams- a fighter activist named Khanum. Laila who had a sore relationship in past with a guy at Delhi University, gets involved emotionally and physically with Khanum. A remarkable love story, a new dimension of human emotions is perceived in movie with characters of Khanum and Laila.


Sonali Bose scripted “Margarita with a straw” with Nilesh Maniyar. Sonali Bose was inspired by her cousine Malini to create Laila’s character. Though the story of “Margarita with a straw” is inspired from Bose’s own life. Sonali Bose as an undergraduate student, at Delhi’s Miranda House, had a lesbian affair with an american student from Berkeley. Sonali says- “Like Laila, I was so innocent, growing up in India, I didn’t know about gays or anything. But then falling in love with her, so that’s the way it was with Laila. It’s something you don’t know but you just go with it,”

Talking about Kalki Koechlin, who made the character of Laila LIVE, she said that-“Laila’s role was demanding both physically and emotionally.” Kalki felt the role became more difficult when the character of Laila was gradually developed, as she was in relationship with both man and woman at different lifespan. Kalki says-“At the beginning, I was like, ‘Shonali, I’m totally up for this, take my clothes off, I’m so comfortable with my body,’ this was my attitude. But when we actually had to do it, it was so difficult, they were the hardest scenes for me.”

Margarita with a Straw seems an appealing, attractive, promising movie, shot in Delhi and New York.

Revathi, famous South Indian Actress play’s role of Laila’s mother and actress Sayani Gupta play’s character of Khanum.

Margarita with straw will be released across India in early 2015, though the story line reflects it will have many hurdles. The whole “Margarita” team is mentally ready for censor board and political issues. Though the Producers- Viacom 18 are determined to release the film without any cuts with adult certificate.

Wooha, That’s enough I guess!
I am certainly elevated to watch this movie, Eager, Excited!
Its not nudity or sex that attracts one to this movie..
What I found appealing is Kalki’s acting, Laila’s characterization, brilliant story line and Sonali Bose’s excellent spellbound direction!
Lets catch some glimpse of this movie via images, and await for 2015 and release of “Margarita” 🙂


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