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#Celebrate Blogging by BlogAdda: The Game Of Blogs!

In Learning Horizones on October 18, 2014 at 10:29 am

Team- Vijeta 🙂

“Better late than never. Once again I am late, but I want to write. I must write to cherish all memories and experience.”-I checked again- mobile silent, minimized twitter- and started writing this… 🙂

Let me shout out loud-“Blog Adda team needs more than feedback!”


A tight HUG 🙂

pappiSpecial DADIki Shagun ki Pappi and …


LOTs, LOTs, LOTS of LOVE from all Bloggers! 

After expressing my emotions with Hugs, Kisses and Love- Let my words express the Experience of participating in “Game of Blogs” with Blog Adda.

Being a Blog Adda member since long, All I did was placing “Blog Adda Member” label on my blog- that’s all. I had been least active, perhaps as I never knew where to participate, how to participate…

Even being a blogger since more than 5 years, I never had explored or realized power of being blogger.

“Here is September. Over some sandwiches and chips, we wondered if we could give it a twist that would add a few more strokes of colour. A brighter hue to a bright picture, if you will.”

The day I read the announcement of Game of Blogs, I instantly knew – I want to, I must! The same instant I made my registration as explained, too excited and eager to be part. Though I never took myself or my entry for “game of Blogs” seriously till I received an official mail from Blog Adda that I have been selected as a participant for it. It was a BIG moment for me. Since than-I kept on refreshing my mails more frequently, I started following Blog Adda on twitter too- as I now wanted to get every bit of competition and game myself for it!

Competition, Suspense, Rules, Deadlines- it had everything. September really was going to be fun, exciting, memorable. With busy routine, tough long day- I kept on counting days to September.

it was almost 6.00 am, early morning that day(first week on September), when I refreshed my mails as everyday’s habit. And I was happily surprised to find the mail from Blog Adda, informing about “The TEAM” for “Game of Blogs”. Instantly I composed a mail to all- just to say hello and introduce my self, not realizing that at 6.00 am the normal world sleeps peacefully. That was a beginning! Beginning to meet a new world of bloggers, all with different interest-priorities-nature-strengths-state..

Wooha, The day on which all participants were informed about their team, rules of round-1 was the most INTERESTING day! withing just 2-3 hours 10 strangers had shared more than 100 mails! MORE THAN 100 MAILS- really! Mails about themselves, their interest, their blog, story idea suggestions, rules discussion- lot, lot, lot more.. Like kids we felt excitement and joy to explore strangers.

We, Team Vijeta-The team of 10 bloggers- as announced by BLOG Adda, on the very first day itself had reduced to 8 members. Numbers don’t matter- creativity and enthusiasm do- keeping that in mind, all 8 members decided to participate.

Next day,we- 8 members discovered the actual rules and flow how to proceed but the biggest challenge was awaiting. Every one from the group was from different age group, interest area, state, language. Every one in the team had different story idea with same five characters given. Discussion, Arguments, discussion, arguments- it was kinda infinite loop. We were almost blocked in beginning itself!


My name was reported as a Team Leader (though till date I dont know the reason!), So I was supposed to decide post and member sequence as well as story line. Somehow all 8 members could never agree on anything from story line to Name of the team!  And being team leader all I could reply to every variety of mail was- “As the team decides!”.. And somehow I felt sympathy towards — >

Soon we all 8 members got a little sync.

Team Vijeta logo

Story of US- Team “Vijeta” started with a very interesting story thread of Shoma Abhyankar.


Shoma, an architect graduate is game for everything from painting, travelling, working late at night, being stay-at-home mom- everything! Shoma because of her orientation in writing even did creative writing course and Our team was benefited of this course definitely! Shoma dreams to publish a book and her write ups assures that she will write a classic one! Read more her words at- 

Second surprise post was from Bhakti. Bhakti Motta, our “Confused Chhori” describes herself as Learner,Observer, Dreamer, Excited Soul,Crazy soul. She not only writes but also enjoys each and every word written! She knows how to express not only characters of story but also emotions. Bhakti is kind of back bone, who will support-ease and adore you to keep you going ON. Definitely a full of life soul and a true ROCKSTAR she is! Any one who meets or convers with Bhakti will instantly fall for her, I bet. To read her tender words, craziness and adventures switch at-

Third story thread was woven by the Sharbori Gomes.


Sharbori is a psychotherapist, Organisation Consultant, a Psychotherpist and an Executive Coach by profession and her main area of my work is working with individuals, groups and communities in the areas of culture, gender and diversity and  personal and professional growth. Sharbori has been the most punctual, disciplined, organized and perfectionist yet polite member from the team. She always was available for all discussions, emergency posts and all regardless her seniority, other commitments as well as experience. Sharbori added her on flavor and touch to our story-“a web of fate”. read more from her experienced pen at-


Fourth Post was from ME 🙂 Bhumika Desai Shah- Nam definitely nahi hi suna hoga! :p

Be with me in my life travel in my Toofan Express at-

Anu was fifth in story list. Anu is a soul of words for whom blogging is a process of understanding herself. As she write, she verify many a times whether she strongly believe in what is writing.  So, Anu while writing clarifies to herself, reassures to her soul…. Anu makes words full of emotions and makes characters live! Adore your emotions with Anu’s soulful words at-

Comments are Motivation :)

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