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“Mom, Arjun is so lucky!”-my daughter seating besides me whispered.

We were having a family girls out, watching a movie. We-included myself, my daughter Heer, My mother and My sister. We were out for a movie date, fortunately to a very good movie- “Hawaa Hawaai”.

“Shh, watch the movie, we will have Q&A session letter.”-I said in hushed tone and got indulged back into wonderful movie.

“Mom, you told me one day that kids who don’t study, don’t have good future. See, Arjun is not going to school- but he is acting in movie. He is so lucky, he need not to go to school, need not to study and even need not to finish home work!”-My daughter Heer said with lot curiosity and little complain.

And that was my **face-palm** moment. The kids of this generations have **god know** which kind of processor that they grasp things so fast!

“Honey, He don’t attend school as he is poor. If he had money, He would have also gone to good school.”-I tried to clear her misconceptions.

“What Poor means?”-My dotty started her question bank as soon as her first question was replied.

And that was my **mouth wide open**  😮 moment.

“Poor means… Someone who has little or no money for own/family living. Someone- who cant eat all meals, cant go to school, cant live in own house, cant wear proper full clothes, cant sleep well. Poor means someone who lives just as he/she has to breath and live-some how, out of option and will. Like Arjun in this movie. Arjun’s father died and her mother is only earning person. To support his family Arjun has to work in place of attending school to study. As Arjun is poor, he has to work and he cant play even! Poor kid Arjun.”-I tried to elaborate the answer and slowly few tears rolled out of my eyes.

And that was **feeling sad** 😦  moment for my daughter for the character of Arjun in the movie.

“Hawaa Hawaai”, a movie written and directed by Amole Gupte was mesmerizing us. We were witnessing Childhood, Innocence, Chase towards dreams, Failure, Hard work, poverty,fate and lot more…

The movie told the story of dream of a poor innocent kid and price he paid to achieve them. In one of the scene, Arjun fall ill cause of starvation (on the very important day of skating race) as he practiced for his skating race day and night without bothering about eating properly. Rather he belonged to such a poor family, where he could not manage having proper meals. When Arjun was admitted to hospital, Arjun’s mother was badly scolded by doctor. And soon Arjun’s mother revealed her part of story- how she and Arjun both worked to run the show and feed family of four, which many times forced them skip meals.

We-me, my mother and my sister- the grown ups, so called matured souls- could very well get that truth that millions of humans live everyday under the poverty line. But my innocent daughter was touched and surprised at the same time.

“Mom, Why Arjun had not ate well before his race? He wanted to win, so he had to eat well. when I have exams, along with my breakfast you feed me extra milk-nuts-fruits to add energy. Arjun’s mother is not a good mother.”- Heer said sobbing with tears, feeling bad for Arjun who could not take part in race.

“No one is bad in this world beta. Its all about bad time and circumstances. Arjun’s mother wanted him to win race, to study, to be good human- but all we want cant be true. Arjun belonged to poor family, so he had not ate well and so he fell ill. In whole world, in our country too,  countless kids-families don’t have food to eat, cloths to wear, water to drink. If you have got a house to live, food to eat, water to drink, cloths to wear and school to study- you must Thank God! Millions of people in the world dream of living life you lead.”-I extended my hand on her shoulder and gave her a quick hug of comfort.

“Poors don’t eat, neither drink water, nor have cloths to wear, cant even study- so sad! I thought we are poor- as we don’t have WIFI at home like my friends, as papa drives Honda city not Mercedes-Benz like Patel uncle, as you have to work and you don’t do shopping whole day almost like that neighboring Sharma aunty, as I don’t have I-pad or tablet to play games as all in my school do, as we cant go for movies or dinner out so frequently.. I was so wrong mom! I am so sorry for presuming things. When we will reach home back after this movie, first thing I will do is to pray god to give me Food-water-shelter-education.”- My little princess spoke big words with wet brown eyes.

“Thats like my princess. See, Arjun don’t have facilities you have, yet he is working hard to chase his dreams. It teaches us that we must be happy with all we have and also we should help those who are needy- so that they can also excel. See that small boy “burger King” gifted his wheels to Arjun to help! We, who are blessed with good living must help poor to live and grow with better life. Did you noticed joy on that “Burger King” boy when Arjun finally won? that was smile of satisfaction- Joy of giving. You can donate money, clothed, toys, used items anything and everything. You can even donate education by teaching unprivileged poor kid. When you will to help some one God extends his hand too.“- I tried to implant morals to my daughter out of syllabus and games.

WE, returned from the movie but my daughter somehow captured the impact and story within.

While we- Me, my mother and my sister were unpacking our packed dinner, we heard words saying-

“Dear God, I am sorry for demanding barbie set, remote control car, gadgets of doraemon, tablet, princess crown and all. Please cancel all my earlier wishes. I just pray and wish that all humans on the earth get a life like I am blessed to have with – food to eat, shelter to live, water to drink, clothes to wear and education to evolve. Please god, help me to help those who are in need.”

I am very much sure even GOD cant reject or ignore such innocent prayer done by a little angel.

Very soon, our world will be better and better… As we all will make our steps towards helping others.


I initiated changing scene by implanting a thought of helping to one. I will move ahead to fulfill Bloggers Social Responsibility to make world better.



I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

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  1. Touched my heart. :’)


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