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Bachpan ~ reloaded in memory lane…

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“Mom, I am bored! Give me your mobile, I wanna play a game on it.”- my sweetheart shouted from her room!

“Mom, why you are not listening to me? I promise I will play just for an hour! please!”-She said little softly now.

“Mom, just thirty minutes? Okay, how about fifteen minutes short quick game round?”-She started now sort of bargaining assuming my usual denial for using mobile and internet.

“Mom, please! every friend of mine plays games on mobiles and tablets. Everyone in my class uses internet. Whats wrong if I do?”-She now started nagging with complain.

Finally I came out of kitchen to answer all her questions and complains giving her broad warm smile. A kiss on her forehead almost always helped me to sort her out but perhaps today all She wanted was technology not warmth or attention.

“Miththi, lets play hide and seek.”-I asked her gently.

“Its too boring mom.”- and by now her face had started turning gray with disappointment from baby pink.

“How about playing snakes and ladders? Or Ludo? remember last time you won twice and I could not even a single time!”-I tried my luck one more time to divert her mind.

“Boring, boring, boring. I don’t wanna play games from “dinosaur era”!”-She raised her voice unknowingly with little anger.

“Honey, I dont look like sibling of dinosaur from any angle, do I?”- of course I was offended, and immediately cursed almost every parent who allowed their little one’s to play on mobile and tablets. At the age of playing with other kids, out on ground, We are making them lazy bums by allowing playing on mobile-tablets-laptops. I felt immense urge to ask almost every parent who allowed their kids to use internet and shout out loud-“We definitely have a beautiful world out of the Internet web, where we can still learn, evolve and have fun!”

But I controlled my weird urge to address world of parents and transferred my focus on making my princess understand the beauty of real world.

“Lets watch a Disney princess movie together. How about extra cheese popcorn?”-I tried to calm down looking at her innocent face and once more tried to convince her not to play with mobile and internet.

She didn’t replied just gazed out side window of her room.

And I knew now it is going to be tough.

I slowly grabbed the TV remote and turned TV on.

She still kept on gazing out of the window.

and while travelling on remote, changing random channels- my fingers froze with familiar sound. That tune that was as familiar, dear and near as my family is too me. And after almost ages I again tuned on to “Doordarshan“. Some how it gave me the feel of being back to home. I continued travelling memory lane and that small logo on upper right corner almost brought tears in my eyes- without no reasons.

“Mom, I am sorry. Please don’t cry, I promise to behave well. Mom, please cheer up!”-as soon as those tiny tear drops started falling down from my eyes, my darling forgot almost everything and jumped besides me. Perhaps that’s best part of being mother of a daughter, you live your childhood twice!

I kissed her forehead making her feel little better.

“Mom, tell me something, when you were a kid- Which games you played? You had no mobile, computer, internet? How you could live without all this gadgets?”-My dotty asked rolling her brown eyes with surprise.

“We lived in real life sweet heart. We had no computer-mobile-tablet games but we had plenty outdoor games, We had no internet to search information on tip of the our toes, but we had huge libraries and read lots off books. I know all your classmates and friends play computer games and use internet but I want you to live in real, to talk with real people around.”-I did slide my fingers in her silk smooth short hairs to assure her a better life out of my decisions for her.

“Mom, I have never seen this cartoon series. Its interesting! I have never seen this channel ever!”-She blinked her eyes bright looking at uncle scrooge cartoon on Doordarshan, just as I did before 30 years!

“Miththi, I have lived all my weekends of childhood watching this wonderful channel, its Doordarshan. Uncle Scrooge, Alice in wonderland, Tom and jerry, Rangoli, Week end Movie, ramayan, Mahabharat, Nukkad, Buniyad, Hum log- I am lost in memory lane even looking at that Doordarshan Logo! know what? Initially we had no TV at home, So we used to go and watch TV at neighbor’s home. The one family owning Television had lot respect and fame in whole area! And generously they allowed everyone to come and watch TV with them, unlike shut closed door of every house these days.”-I uttered bizarre words even knowing my 6 years old may not understand all this!

“What mom? Watching TV at some neighbor’s home? I cant believe!”-My daughter looked at me with mouth all open with surprise.

“Yes honey, We did. We lived the life of Sharing! Sharing TV, Sharing toys, Sharing biscuits, sharing pencils. Sharing almost everything!”-I continued sharing story of my childhood.

“What? Achha you liked which biscuits the most? The jelly one or the cream one? I forgot to add fruit flavored and Nut filled biscuits.”-My dotty forgot her cry on games and mobile, listening to stories of my childhood, eating her favorite Cookies, liking cream from her fingers.

“Not any from your list! We all kids loved a single brand of biscuit, whom all can afford and enjoy- Parle G. Its luxury to dip Parle G in tea and enjoy its soft bytes. No cream, jelly, nuts can replace the taste Parle G gave us. And best thing is you can eat them as much as you want, as they dont cause cough or cold!”-I searched the big box of biscuits and found a chhotu Parle G packet to show my daughter.

“Wow mom, give it to me, I wanna try!”-My daughter said with excitement and I was happy to guide her make a better choice.

“Mumma, this G wala biscuits shoud be named as Parle YummyG.”-She said and I smiled with satisfaction.

“And hence you dropped your idea of using mobile-internet! Let me gift you something!”-And I handed her a rapped up small box.

We have an understanding that whenever she does something exceptional or learns a good habit- she gets a reward in form of small gift.

“Whats that?”-She grabbed the box with excitement and immediately opened.

“I love you mom! You know what? My teacher says- I have the most beautiful handwriting in whole school and you know why? Its because you always pick dark, sharp and best pencils for me. you are best mother in the world.”-She said giving me a tight hug, holding packet of Natraj dark pencils.

“I love you too beta. And do you know, when I was of your age, I too used same pencil! As a small kid, my hand writings were very clumsy and so my class teacher had suggested me this- Natraj dark pencils. I worked hard to improve my hand writing and with help of my teacher and Natraj dark pencils– I did improved. And so, I always pick up same pencil for you. Natraj dark pencils give- Sharp and dark handwriting that catches every one’s eyes.”-We- me and my princess- resumed watching cartoon on Doordarshan, sharing Parle G biscuits.

FEW things never change with time!

A kid inside me, Still loves Parle G, Natraj Dark Pencil and Doordarshan with same passion and warmth!

we are – “Old yet awesome!”- ME, Parle G, Natraj dark pencil and Doordarshan,

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  1. Reading 2nd tym 🙂
    Its awesome (Y)
    As a blogger I’m learning so many things from u.


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