Bhumika Desai Shah

Being Human, Being Normal- Being social slave?

In commuter's rage.., social Issue on November 20, 2014 at 8:08 am


If you have watched above video, I am very much sure you will re-think or re-format your views about LGBT community.

I wonder when we all are humans, who gave us right to categorize some one as “Not Normal” just on their sexual orientation or choice?

Following what all says, what the society formatted as rule- is not NORMAL me!

I am NORMAL when I can be myself, doing what I like, hanging out with people I love, breathing Freedom! 

If being society you are going to decide everything about someone- what to do/what not, where to study, how to behave, what to wear/what not, Whom to merry, whom to sleep with- what the word “FREEDOM” means I wonder!

I count those humans “Not Normal”, who live their whole life following what other’s says – being slave and never do anything what their heart says!

Accept- we all are same- choices may be different!

If you cant accept – “ you are ‘Not Normal’ – Go and get some life, I really pity you!

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