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Akshaya Patra~ I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild

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Morning, Music, Book and a cup of tea always brightens my day. Commuting daily from my home town to reach job to the other city, I am blessed to get plenty “Me TIME”. Though my morning college makes my life tough as I have to wake up too (too too too too) early, its made up with leisure time of almost 45 minutes with music, book and tea before my day and duty starts.

“Khul kabhi to, Khul kabhi kahi.. Main aasman, tu meri zamin…”-Arjit Singh’s mesmerizing song from the movie Haider was on and eyes were busy reading “Sita- an illustrated retelling of Ramayan” by Devdutt Pattnaik.

When the song changed and minded drifted to real world around-eyes automatically rolled at a familiar yet new scene. In the college canteen where I spend my morning “Me Time”, renovation is going on. Few workers were busy even in early morning like everyday, whom by now I almost could identify. I found a new female face in that familiar crowd arranging bricks and making some structure. The reason my eyes got glued to that female was her appearance. Firstly she looked like hardly 17-18 years old, secondly she had tied her very small 3-4 years baby on her back while working. The little baby at back was having deep sleep while her mother was working with bricks and concrete. I felt a rage inside. I took off the headphones as music no longer felt sense, all I could feel was a pang inside for that mother-who was still a kid some how! Each sip of tea gave a burning feel inside.

“Ma.. Ma..”-a sweet voice broke my thought processing. The scene I was watching by now, made me numb. A kid almost of 2-3 years was crying to grab her mother’s attention- the same mother who had no childhood.

My mind automatically started some calculation with her age and age of her kids. No more winter made me beautiful feel, neither the book in hand gave me peace. 2-3 tiny tear drops fell down,inside my cup of tea, and I finished my tea quietly.

My heart and head started a debate as usual.

Heart-“You cant be just a witness of this. go, ask her, help her! atleast help that child. do something to make that child’s future better.”

Head-“Stop interfering in everyone’s matters. You are not running NGO. Its her mother’s fate and karma that child also has to pay back. Dont over react.”

Heart-“How you can claim you are educated and human too, if you cant land hand to some one in need? Be little generous. Dont be so selfish!”

Head-“You are no one. Dont show off being Mother Teresa.”

Heart-“Dont forget, you also could study and be what you are today, just because some one had helped. As you got financial support, motivation- you studies. Now its your turn.”

Head-“hmmm, As you wish.”

And I stood up slowly, walked towards that mother slowly. She, looking at me, standing near her, felt hesitant and withdrawn. Like she felt slavery, she forced her eyes stare down. I wanted to talk to her but her resistant made me realize- it is not easy. I took out a packet of biscuit from my bag and offered her kid of 2-3 years. He stared me for few moments and reluctantly took it. I got back to my seat in canteen and observed the kid expressing his joy of getting a fresh biscuit pack to eat. Neither that mother nor the child looked at me, to give me opportunity to communicate.

Head shouted-“See, no one needs your help!”

Heart said gently-” Its not easy, I know! Its not easy. I must give them time to understand that I am not stranger and can be helpful.”

Head grinned-“Whatever!”

And I continued my day, thinking the morning scene on back of my mind.

Second day, I with my books-music-tea had a new friend around. The same kid was awaiting for me and started playing besides me when I reached. I offered him a dairy milk and a biscuit packet and to my surprise he chose biscuit and ran away to his mother. Perhaps the small kid understood that biscuit can solve his hunger better than a chocolate. And when I left canteen that day his mother gathered courage and glared at me, of course at my back.

Third day, with packet of biscuit I gave the kid parathas. Not for charity, perhaps for own happiness.

Forth day, Fifth day-It went on same. And I made kinda friendship with that little kid.

Sixth day, When I reached, along with the kid, his mother also greeted me with sweet smile. I felt content, as she trusted me now! But still I could not dare and break ice between us.

It was weekend and We-new friends missed each other internally.

On Monday, when I reached, I received welcome greeting with smile from my new friends. I finally dared and asked-“Why dont you take a break and seat here.” And I ordered Tea and snacks for us.

She sat near to me, reluctantly, though on the floor.

“Would you like to study after your job hours, If I teach for free?”-I gently asked her.

She could not understand initially.

“Can you and your kid spend just 30 minutes with me everyday? I will teach you basic maths and basic about language. I will also provide stationary.”-I added.

She kept quit.

“Achha, how about having tea and breakfast everyday together here. While having meal we can study little. If interested, we will prolong it.”-I added further.

“Kitne baje?”-finally she replied.

And I felt relieved.

Whole day I kept on thinking about the mother and kids. I wondered- was she really interested in studying? why she didnt wanted her kids to get education?

And I could answer my own questions-“Poverty. Poverty has made her do all this. Who don’t dream of good future and happy life? If she has too make choice between education and food, of course food will be priority! If only your stomach is full, you can think anything else!”

And I, to help my soul, or rather to keep my head busy, goggled for “education for poor”. And found hell lot many essays- describing lot worse than what I have witnessed but talking about no solutions.

And suddenly I reached at-

I was happy to read that some one is working hard for educating poor. I found interesting story behind curtains at Akshaya Patra.

On day, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada was gazing out of his window and saw few children fighting with street dogs for scraps of food. And he instantly felt determined that within 10 miles of their center no children should go hungry. That small seed grew giant tree and soon forest of help as Akshaya Patra.

In June 2000, Akshaya Patra Foundation started midday meal program in Bangalore, in five government schools to around 1500 students.

No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.” – is Vision of Akshaya Patra foundation.

“TO FEED 5 MILLION CHILDREN BY 2020.”-is mission of Akshaya Patra Foundation.

Today Akshaya Patra Foundation runs in partnership with Government of India as well as many philanthropic donors. Akshaya Patra Foundation is determined to supply healthy and nutritious lunch with excellent management, innovative technology and smart engineering. Akshaya Patra Foundation is excellent example of Public-Private partnership for betterment of all.


Blogadda has joined hands with Akshaya Patra Foundation considering-  The pen is mightier than the sword!

Bloggers are motivated to write about their ideas to eliminate classroom hunger. India where every child gets quality food and education-is the Dream seen by many, almost all of us!

Blogadda has promised that for every blog post submitted supporting Akshaya Patra foundation- Blogadda will feed one child for entire year.



I am supporting Blogadda’s initiative and Akshaya Patra’s Mission.

I  dream of India where all(kids as well as grown ups) are educated and fed well. And to reach to that dream of mine, following are my suggestions.

We can,

* Adopt a child’s education and healthy living.

* Spend an hour per week to educate children working around us, living around us.

* Celebrate our special days ( birthday, anniversary etc.) by donating food/stationary to needy.

* A day per week, we can arrange common rasoi to feed nearby needy. A warm hand feeding can lead to path of education much easily.

* On occasions like marriage, receptions, birthday parties too much food is wasted, which can be gathered in good shape and fed with warmth to those who sleep with empty stomach on road.


I believe- “Providing food to starved souls will provoke and ignite their starved brains for education!”

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


If you also feel your moral responsibility towards society, with your blogging you can help creating better world.

connect to-

also refer:

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