Bhumika Desai Shah

International Men’s Day aka IMD- What’s that?

In commuter's rage.., Learning Horizones on November 26, 2014 at 4:19 am

So… If I will ask you when is International Women’s day?

I know I will get a prompt answer!

If I will ask- When is valentines day? Teacher’s day? Mother’s day?

Everyone knows!

But what if I ask When Is International Men’s day?


In spirit and enthusiasm of women empowerment,We have glorified everything about women-Girls so much that somehow Men-Boys are pushed in a corner, isn’t it so?

Definitely, In India we still have Men Dominated Society, yet We need to give it a thought!

Admiring daughters, somehow we are ignoring sons..

Highlighting females, somehow we are taking males for granted..

This International Men’s Day- Lets start thinking, considering, loving out of any gender bias!

Look around yourself and note all males you respect-care-like-love, I bet you will make a long list! Let’s accept that exceptions are there in both genders and all men are not rapist/abuser/manipulator.

Men or Women- equally are humans, needing love-warmth-consideration-acceptance.

In loving memory of the first International Men’s Day- I came across, let me share two wonderful videos to share “Some love” to MEN 🙂





This post is specially dedicated to all wonderful, amazing, rocking Men(in every relation 🙂 ) in my life.


If you are reading this 🙂 You made me believe in humanity and man fraternity!

Take a bow- you are awesome and I value your presence in my life!

Comments are Motivation :)

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