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Actionable Dreams~ Gaurav Munjal shows path to achieve dreams!

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An engineering student.

An average engineering student, rather any student- always has lots of dreams. Normally those dreams becomes password of lappie or pages of his/her blog, earning fat- in a sober/well known reputed job. and the dream dear once, seems illogical/illusion/craziness.. He/She lives- so called “happy” and “normal” life and keeps on making others envy!

Is that truth? Is that normal? Is being practical and rational is only living?

Besides the fat salary, reputed job and loving family- one always has few dreams buried inside to achieve cheesy goals former in list. Somehow we live in a society where talking about dreams or trying to achieve them is foolishness. One is expected to live upon social and family forced advises/rules.

What if you are too good in singing/acting?

What if you feel eternal happiness while painting your imagination on paper with colors?

What if you love writing and want to write a book on your own?

What if sports is in your blood and its all you thing and breath?


endless whats and Ifs…

But answer remains same- NO. NEVER. You cant!

Your crazy dreams will never earn money/fame/life partner for you. So, be rational-practical and become Engineer-Doctor-CA.

so, Life= Dream—> give up dreams—> live happily(at lease pretend!)

We all live the same life one or the other ways.

–> Giving up on dreams –> not knowing the path to achieve them –> not having the courage to fight the odds.

I too have a dream buried inside- to write novels, to be a “writer”. Littel besides a Computer Engineer, a story teller-dreamer lives inside me, whom I often hide to behave normal…

You may think reading this- Why all of a sudden I am sharing this BrahmGyan on Dreams? 🙂

Today, Some one gave My other side{Dreamy one} wings to fly out..

Some one freed those buried dreams today from within me.

And that some one is- Gaurav Munjal.


Listen the talk below…  🙂

I bet he will ignite your desires, spark your silent dreams and plug in your passion.




Those who have heard Gaurav Munjal’s name very first time- MUST Google this name!

   <– Gaurav Munjal 🙂

If I will start writing about all his endeavors, I feel I will have to write a book sort of!

Let me list his top shots 🙂

1) Unacademy: in their own words- Unacademy, because learning is priceless. An educational initiative by Gaurav Munjal and Roman Saini. Visit us on youtube:

2) Flatchat: it helps finding accommodation using chat application. Flatchat allows people looking for a place and those looking for flatmates to chat with each other by matching them according to their requirements.

3) : in their own words- “Relax, finding flats for bachelors just got easier”. “” is only website catering exclusively to the needs of students and bachelors.

And List goes on..

Gaurav Munjal motivates us to dream and ways to reach them.

And you can reach him at-

Dream 🙂

  1. […] Actionable Dreams~ Gaurav Munjal shows path to achieve dreams!  […]


  2. you are stupendo fantabulous fantastic magical ❤

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