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Akshaya Patra~ Poetric cry for #BlogToFeedAChild

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A child-breathing slavery- Does that matter to you?

A poetic attempt to express grief and pain of children who have no childhood.


And it was midnight,

Or perhaps early morning…

I wonder- How that makes difference?

For me, the day never ends!

I sleep or pretend to sleep?

I sleep to peace my paining toes..

I sleep to rest my aching body…

I sleep to calm my crying soul,

Crying why? I wonder Why?

I sleep to bury my hunger..

Hunger for love,

Hunger for warmth,

Hunger for acceptance,

above all- hunger for Food!

I sleep praying that I wake up never ever!

And it was Morning, a new beginning…

I wonder ~ How that makes difference?

For me, morning only begins echos!

Echos shouting me, calling for me,

Echos yelling me wrong, aliasing me whatever!

I, once had a name, is forgotten..

Erased, aliased as -Chhotu!

Out of my will and wish, Does that really matter?

Morning for me, is Echo of false identity..

And it was afternoon, half the day!

Half the hell for me, does that really matter?

Yes that matters!

As I count hours,

Yes that matters..

As I count abuses…

Yes that matters,

As I count pieces of mine shattering!

Yes that matters, As my little body gets some food, Finally!

And it was evening, they say beautiful one!

I shout inside, Does that really matters?

I cry inside, Yes it really matters.

I stare the world around me,

I stare those small flowers, in garden beside!

I stare that road passing by,

I stare parents holding hands of their kids,

I stare kids returning from school…

I stare children playing around!

I stare happy families..

I stare myself, working to breath!

I stare myself, working to eat..

I stare myself, working to support my family..

I stare myself, working to survive some how!

I stare myself, working to live!

Yes live, I Live! I too Live!

And it was night again, Asking- Why I really live?

I live so that you can make me work on less pay!

I live so that you can take advantage of mine in all ways!

I live so that you can click my pictures to show real India- poor India!

I live so that you can make award winning documentary on child labor!

I live so that you can feel better for your life!

Yes, I live! I too live…

Somewhere around you,

Somewhere beneath your favors and donations!

Somewhere on the stake of ur thrown away food!

Somewhere behind your old cloths and stuff!

Somewhere ahead your injustice and humiliation!

I LIVE, yes I too LIVE!

I, a small kid, grown up before years,

Is asking today my right to live..

Is shouting today for my right to study!

Is fighting with destiny to get my right to live good life!

And what all you can help?

Does that really matter?

Yes that! If you feel I am human too!

No, never! If I am still that “Chhotu” to you!


Every time I witness a kid working, My heart skips a heartbeat. I cry inside, I felt immense urge to help that kids-however ways possible. Perhaps, not just me, Many of us feel same.

We all wonder- Why these kids are working at the age of playing and studying? Sometimes, We consider it their fate or their parent’s Karma. But when we look in their tiny eyes and innocent smile- It touches our heart.

And to make those kids live better life we can do lot more thing, many of us are actually doing our bit at our end.

Such an initiative, where you can contribute is- Akshaya Patra.

Let me brief little about Akshaya Patra in their own words-

“The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Bangalore, India. The organisation strives to fight issues like hunger and malnutrition in India. By implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in the Government schools and Government aided schools, Akshaya Patra aims to fight not only hunger but also to bring children to school.”

Akshaya Patra has been successful till date in-

  • Increased enrollment in schools
  • Increased attendance in schools
  • Reduced dropout rate
  • Improved performance of students in class in terms of better attention span and academic progress
  • Improved nutritional status of students

There are various ways we can help Akshaya Patra boos up child education by facilitating midday meal for them. One can donate just 750 rs. that will feed one child for whole year, which even gets 100% Tax Exemption on donations over Rs. 500 under IT Sec 35AC and 80G. Akshaya Patra takes uttermost care towards healthy and high quality food which is cooked in sophisticated , tech advanced kitchens.

You can raise your hand and help through-


I am Thankful to Blogadda for giving me opportunity to raise my words for those little ones.


I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

For glimpse on Akshaya Patra Foundation through videos- Don’t forget to visit their official YouTube channel- 


–Also read my earlier contribution for #BlogToFeedAChild

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