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That “Girl” with short hair!

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What is that one thing- not so “Normal” about the pic on left?

{Let’s not point picture quality here!}

My question is- subjected to the Girl in the picture. What do  you find not-Girly/different/not-so-normal in this picture?

I bet you will answer- Short Hair!

The girl in the picture above, Apparently “Me” have experienced most illogical and silly advises and comments on my hairs, which made me write this post.

Let me state few of them with my reaction/answer { in italic and of-course brackets}.


— “Girls should have long hair. I love/like girls with long hair.”

{ Who cares about what you like? I am far beyond your SHOULD and HAVE TO, so keep it to you! }

— “Why don’t you try and have your hair long? it will look beautiful. and besides HE-your better half- likes long hair, so you should give a try!”

{ I certainly appreciate your concern, but its wasted on me! I define my “Beautiful” on my own.. Short hair, tattoo at neck, diamond pierced teeth, Geek specs, intense eyes, sharp and intellect brain- anything which appeals me is “my beautiful”. And if my better half really likes long hair, I don’t mind him having it. Believe me- I will appreciate him having long hair!}

— “You don’t understand how people out here perceive girls with short hair. Society take them as bold, available and forward ones. For decent and “Sanskari” look you should have long hair tied neatly in pony tail or choti.”

{ Who the hell wants to pretend being “Sanskari”? My morals and values are my inner qualities not at all on public display! And the society that labels a girl with short hair as slut or available, is the one who needs moral lessons- not me.}

— “You are always center of attraction when you have short hairs. Better have long hair that looks “Normal” and be a piece of crowd.”

{ “Normal”- is a relative term. Those who stare at girls with short hair/outfits are NOT NORMAL for me, will you teach them morals instead? Even If I will have long hair, I will stand apart from crowd as I have got that guts, intellect and independent self. Crowd may follow me..- I don’t mind, I am born leader!}

— “I got IT! You keep short hairs to maintain a style and fashion statement. Indeed I agree that short hair look SEXY. Isn’t that the reason?”

{ I prefer stylish brain over style framed body! And this short hair are part of me since when I could not even spell “Sexy”. }


I hope I have not bored enough– then continue reading below 🙂 .

But believe me these were just few! Few of the comments I face on regular bases for my short hair. Though I have never ever bothered more about what people think, But some how I found it is creating strong Stereotypea Negative one.

So this post- To express my stand and choice for having short hair.

This is me(Below in collage), Since Childhood I have been same with hair. {I repeat SINCE CHILDHOOD.}


I am An average middle class girl(an intellect one :p ), with short hairs. And my short hair are not at all symbol-statement of fashion style. Rather I count my short hair as my carefree attitude towards my physical appearance. Making attractive Hair do or having pretty hair style was never my cup of tea or area of interest. All I am concerned(while making my hair) is I should look civilized, that’s it. Since very small age, My relation with mirror or comb has been very casual. I rather prefer spending time with books, balcony and music to make my soul/brain sizzling-stunning-sexy!

I don’t comment that girls with long hair are not intelligent or beautiful(I personally like/love girls with long hair and attractive latest hairdo), My point is- I am poor in balancing beauty and brain. Maintaining long hair need lot of patience, commitment and time. Definitely not me, I can’t. All I can do with my hair is- a stroke of hair brush here and a stroke there- nothing more! I am too random about beauty care(even if I get 48 hours a day, I cant handle/care long hairs:p ) – and so I prefer Short Hair.

Short Hair, for me is symbol of freedom, Freedom from stereotype and prototypical beauty definitions.

Short Hair, for me is adoring self  and spending time more at other interesting-important stuff/activities/passion/hobby.

Short Hair, for me is realization and acceptance that I can only care-handle-maintain with grace this length hair, not longer.

Short Hair, for me is – simply myself, as I love to be!

Nothing more, Nothing less!

So, next time when you stare at any girl(woman) with short hair, think about “Freedom-Priority-Choice” of her-more than “Fashion-Style-Sensuality”.

 Yes, I have short hair and I have morals-values-life also- just like you all.

  1. This generation won’t complain about the short hair. The next generation may stop complaining about the SHORTS 😀


  2. This generation is not complaining short hair. The next generation may stop complaining girls wearing SHORTS😆

    Bold. Straight from the heart stuff. Yo di 👌👌


  3. I like ur short hair and mostly the smile.. As I said before 🙂
    Thank God society is not complaining about girl’s smile.
    Karara jawab diya dost. 🙂 Keep rocking (Y) 🙂


  4. I like ur short hair look and mostly the smile as I said before 🙂
    Thank God society is not complaining about a girl’s smile.
    Karara jawab diya dost 🙂
    Keep rocking (Y)


  5. Comfort is the main point, and self should be the only judge allowed. Good for you!


  6. our society has set standard for everything.. as you written long hairs ” Sanskari types”… we don’t have freedom to choose the length of own hair..
    awesome post.. n i liked your short hairs too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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