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P.S. – I love you

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P.S. I Love You !

once upon a Time, I had to express- as He could not! 🙂


The other day, a friend of mine on Twitter posted ‘Pyaar hai par guts nahi‘ (Love exists but not the guts). She being a girl had straight forwardly targeted boys when she wrote it. I thought of explaining her my views on that but then Twitter provides almost no room to explain your views on such topics. This is what made me venture into blogging.

I guess that’s enough of the introduction part. Getting to the core of the subject, you guys must be wondering what kind of subject line is ‘P.S. – I Love You’. In fact the subject line itself is the crux of this entire blog. You’ll realize this as you read further down.

So. She said ‘Pyaar hai par guts nahi’. This is as true as ‘The Sun rises from the East’ and first of all, being an Indian male, I can’t agree more…

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