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Internationally Irrational Questions to celebrate “An Average Women’s Day” …

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Tomorrow is 8th March- “International Women’s Day”.

Flipcart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Goodread,Twitter, Facebook- even Prime Minister’s Office has also reminded me that!

Kinda Its a day if I will forget or will not celebrate being woman, the world will end and I will be the sole responsible.

Yes, I am biologically a Woman, and I need not to add I am proud of being. I count myself more a Human than narrowing the categorization towards being woman.

Okay, I am born as XX Chrome, But I don’t expect extra respect, care, concern, sympathy or special advantages for that reason! Instead, This “Women’s Day”, being Woman, I urge all to respect, love, care, concern for all Humans- same ways.

Badly we need “Human’s Day” in place of “Women’s Day”!

I don’t mind wishing you- “Happy Women’s Day”, as far as the wish and words are not charged or taxable. But, My inner voice wants to have a dialogue with you, will you entertain that?

Just few Questions, if you answer it honestly, believe me-  I will not only wish you “Happy Women’s Day” but will sing, post, spread it loud.


Woman, When its Internationally your day few things are bothering me lately.

*  Why your world is so Pink?


– Don’t answer like- Its my favorite color. I cant believe that. In the world rich of billions of beautiful colors/shades, how can the half of the world love a single color? Stop Lying to yourself first.

– Accept, Before you started recognizing colors, you are colored Pink. Before you were born even, you were portrayed, prototyped to be PINK.

– Poor you, who accepted that color as your favorite without exploring the whole rainbow out!


* Why you emphasize on beauty so much?


– Has your family doctor instructed you that- if you will stop looking pretty, you will die?

– Ever your family, friends or loved one’s complained about your looks? I feel they will not, as the one who loves you will find you beautiful in any ugly situation even.

– Don’t you realize, when someone is attracted from your beauty, its merely Physical? Looking Hot, Sexy, sizzling, Stunning, gorgeous, Pretty, Beautiful may sound good to ears.. But admiration-praise-acceptance of your intellect, skills, nature- as a whole you is worth.

– Efforts you make to look beautiful, will never be enough. Direct them towards your hobbies/passion/likes… you will be beautiful automatically. as..

“Happiness can bring that Beauty and Charm that no beauty treatment or make-up can add!”


* Skin color is why so vital for you? Why your skin complexion adds complex(inferiority/superiority) to your being?


– Don’t give excuse that you don’t bother much for your complexion. I just need to open up your purse or table drawer to prove.

– How can you tolerate even imagine that acclaiming success in any field needs a fair complexion?

– Whether you aspire to top Board exams or you want to be placed in any MNC, all you need is to look fairer? Are you just that skin color? Or beyond that too?

– I have lived 34 years successfully without using any fairness product. In academics, personally, professionally- without taking advantage of skin color and it works perfect- Believe me!


* Why your life revolves around the term PMS? Periods/Menstruation- is a biological process, why such fuss?


– Being XX chrome, knowing your body and biology is normal and much needed.

– Every month, or at regular period why that PMS should ruin your mood, relations, engagements, performance? Period is as tiny an issue as an actual period (.) is.

– Since first time you bleeded, every month you have it as nightmare. Why such fear? cant periods be made Happy, happening and positive? Yes, definitely!

– If you don’t agree with last statement, let me ask you- How much aware you are about sanitary facilities and choices? Had you ever discussed your menstruation issues/doubts  with any one? Do you scientifically know and understand menstruation? If NOT- that’s reason behind your panic/fear/nightmare behind PMS and Menstruation.

– Do you feel ashamed while buying sanitary pads? Do you follow rituals and don’t touch your loved one’s during those days? You are not allowed to enter kitchen, go to temple or work normally?- If yes, Ask WHY and stop following rituals blindly! Open up, Open up self for your self!

-Handle your menstruation wisely/happyly/hygienic ways. Explore and select sanitary options as per your body needs consulting expert if needed.


* Why taking permission is so subtle for you? Why you don’t have your voice?


– Being silent, obedient, culture driven, religiously blind, ritually dumb- is that all you have to be?

– Why you need to follow everything society, family, parents “Wants” you to? They also can be wrong in some cases, Do you correct them? Why not?

– Why you make it a habit to take permission for everything/anything? Can’t  you hold responsibility for what you are doing? Can’t you be bold enough to make your decisions, follow them and pay for them even when it falls apart?

– Why you “Have to” be always good? Why you need to be “Ideal” and “Godly” ? Its perfectly alright to be selfish, little rotten, insane, crazy, weird, odd and psyche. Between good and bad, their lays zillions shades of a human, try them all out!



Answer yourself! And if feel really worth- Wish your self- “Happy Human’s Day!” AKA “Happy Women’s Day!”

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