Bhumika Desai Shah

#HeSheStory ~ Life lived in words, from different worlds!

In About ME, Book Review on March 30, 2015 at 9:02 am


“You there?”-He.


“What almost means?”-He.

“Almost mean…. almost! :p “-She.



“Good Morning! 🙂 “- She.

“GM. Busy day ahead. Have wonderful time ahead.” – He.

“Dafa!” – She.

“What it means?” – He.

“Dafa ho! 😉 “-She.

“Dafa ho… similar to, dfaq?”-He.

“You are busy, please continue!” -She.

“But then what it meant?”-He.

“Get lost!”-she.



“So, holiday today?”-She.


“What are plans ahead? 🙂 “-She.

“Little busy here and there. Nothing much. Say…”- He.

“Hmmm.. 🙂 “-She.


“Hmmm again..”-She.

“I hate when you say hmm, say something!”-He.

“Something. 🙂 😉 “-She.




“You there?”-She.

“Okay, I will not disturb more! 😦 “-She.

“Are you avoiding me or busy? Please reply once!”-She.

“Okay. I got it. I understand! 😦 “-She.

“Hey, how you can think of all this crape? I was just messed up somewhere!”-He.





“Are you there?”-He.


“What that means?”-He.

“Main yaha hoon, yaha hoon, yaha hoon.. yaha! 😉 “-She.

“What that means?”-He.



“Whats up?”-He.

“Having tea. 🙂 “-She.

“Don’t you consume too much tea?”-He.

“I don’t count and plan about what all I love 😉 .”-She.

“That’s so hopeless answer.”-He.

“Yes it is, So I am.”-She.

“Tell me how much water you drink daily?”-He.

“What? Don’t ask my weight next! 😮 “-She.

“Why don’t you take your health seriously?”-He.

“At a time I can take only one thing seriously!”-She.

“Take health seriously then!”-He.

“I took You! Let me change to…”-She.



“Good Morning. 🙂 “- He.

“GM.”- She.

“Hows you? Whats up?”-He.

” ( I don’t wanna disturb or distract you. 😦 ) GO and WORK.”-She.

“Are you serious?”-He.

“( I am following what you said.)”-She.

“OKAY. Do as you wish.”-He.

“(OK. Ok. ok. 😦 😦 )”-She.

“I take back my words. Talk to me Idiot.”-He.

“(I will not, you said me not to when you are at work.)”-She.

“Idiot. I cant work without talking to you!”-He.

“(Your problem. )”-She.

“Idiot, My problem is you. speak up you idiot.”-He.

“IT WAS A DEMO. It was tough!”-She.

“Never do it again.”-He.



“Idiot! 🙂 “-He.

“Idiot! 🙂 “-She.

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