Bhumika Desai Shah

Love story of an Idiot Sun Flower…

In About ME, commuter's rage.. on March 30, 2015 at 8:09 am

Once upon a time,

A Sunflower fell in love with Moon.

Unlike others, who adored Sun,

The little yellow Idiot chased for Moon…

Sunflower spent whole day,

awaiting, dreaming, promising, breathing!

The little Idiot Asked for just a Day,

a Day to emerge with Moon,

a Day to reach Moon,

a Day to talk endless with the Night angel,

Just a Day  Sunflower asked..

To love, To live…

Moon promised all nights!

Moon promised light in darkness!

Moon promised sparkles and Shines!

Moon promised it every night!

The little idiot sunflower,

lived the days, awaiting the Night!

The little idiot sunflower,

awaited ,awaited, awaited!

Between the horizon of night and day,

Moon and Sunflower created their world!

Few precious moments,

Few treasured memories,

Lot many moments of waiting,

countless untold words….

Endless love and boundless feelings!

Between the horizons of night and day,

beyond the bounds of promises and rules,

Ahead the extremes of right and wrong,

They loved each other.

The Moon and The idiot Sunflower,

with passion, possession, insanity, madness, distance, silence…

They loved each other forever!

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