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Beep Beep Beep. Pardon, repeat, revise, UPDATE!

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I wanted to write this one since long and finally!

So, before writing about “swear words”, I asked myself, how about doing some homework on it? Though I have quite lot knowledge on swear words as working at Surat 🙂 .. Yet, I attempted to find out more- on swear words…And what I found?


I apologize if above screenshot has offended your sanity or civilization! 🙂

But I need a kind favor from you, if possible! No, you need not to abuse anyone or use swear words here. I am asking only favor that- brainstorm a little and let your treasure of swear words be refreshed.

Now, let me know how many swear words you know- which are neither based on woman/woman body parts nor on sex/sexuality?

Okay, I am waiting for your answer!

My point is clearly visible in above image.

Now, let me ask you one more question,

Why you utter a swear word/Gali?

Your obvious answer will be- Swear words are anger exhaust! When you are angry, frustrated, emotionally unstable, not well- you utter swear word to exhaust your inside bursts.

Famous Gujarati writer Chandrakant Baxi quoted-“Swear words are kinda emotional menstruation for Men.”

Yes, swear words/galis do help in relieving emotional outburst. Even doctors and psychotherapist agree to this fact that galis/swear words exhaust emotional trauma and lessens chances of heart attack.

Now, I have not written this post to promote usage of galis, as our civilization and social norms don’t consider usage of galis/swear words as decency.

My point lies in next question-

If you are angry with your friend Mr.XYZ, how you will abuse him?

indexYour obvious answer may lie in image besides or screenshot above!

And that’s point I object on!

I object!

I object!


My head and heart together process this issue as- when you are angry with Mr.XYZ and you have strong urge to abuse him, you actually abuse his mother/sister/wife! Why?

I object labeling woman as “Ghar ki only possible Izzat” or “Sole Pride and Respect of Family”.

Don’t MAN bare and wear self respect, self esteem, pride? If they do- abuse them on their personalized qualities you hate, target them- not woman of their family!

Woman don’t mean sole source/reason for Shame or Respect!

Second point where my head pinches is- Do you really feel shame for your sexual behavior, sexual orientation, sexual activities or as whole SEX?

ssIf no, why to abuse someone on sexuality and sexual body parts or sexual behavior?

Swear words associated with Sex has tabooed Sex the most.

Swear words associated with woman and sexuality- shows you are ashamed of them both!- Have you ever realized that?

Are you ashamed?

If yes, Shrink back to useless sperm and get back to your mothers holy womb!

If no, take a moment and think about future generations. When you inherit them culture, wealth, love… You inherit them misconceptions too!

Your Sexism over swearwords will make future generation degrade/devalue woman and sex.

Make your take!

Woman or Sex- neither is dirty or shameful!

Now, If you have got my point, your next question must be- if we eliminate all sexist swear words- what shall remain?

My answer is- create new swear words, keeping in mind that- If you are angry/frustrated with Mr. XYZ, you are bullying him over his qualities/weakness only!

lets try making new swear words!

** DailySoapiya : Person who watched too many daily soaps. 

** SocialKida : One who is 24 hours online on all social medias

** Dumbhead : the person who disobeys laws or dishonors others

** Chatcat : the one who chats even in sleep

🙂 I tried my creativity… Now float yours! Don’t forget to comment your views!

Let’s revise and update our treasure of Swear Words.

  1. I don’t use colorful lang! And don’t allow ppl to use it when am around 😀

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  2. So well written Bhumika. A friend had pointed out a few days ago that most Hindi abuses (even ones women give) sound misogynist.

    So what are your suggestions to change this culture?

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  3. Every man are not think..they think is not only for man but same is woman so we are equally enjoy us.


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