Bhumika Desai Shah

Have you noticed?

In About ME, commuter's rage.., social Issue on October 3, 2015 at 10:01 am


“Good Morning!”-A greet raised from background.

*** She ignored. ***

“Good Morning Ma’am!”-The greet became louder and specific.

“Good morning.”-She replied as plain as possible.

“Ki hal chal he? Kal late ho gaye the? Bus chhut gai thi kya?”-The chain of questions starts.

*** She ignored. ***

“Long weekend is coming. What are the plans?”-Again a question mark pops up.

*** She ignores. ***

“I must say your daughter looks just like you. Too cute. Hena?”-And the question-mark becomes more personalized.

*** She gives a forced smile, keeps silence. ***

Whoever invented headphones, saved many lives. And hence she plugged in headphones and tried to ignore whole surrounding real world.

The Mr. Question-mark intentionally seated besides her, to be more informal.

“Ma’am, I am out of change. Please chhutta dijiyena.”-the conductor requested politely.

*** She started searching for change in her sling bag. ***

“Mere pas change he. Lijiye kal return kar dijiyega.”-The Mr. Question-Mark offers help.

*** She gives warning in her look. And He withdraws help. ***

She emerges in Music, till she feels a tap on her shoulder.

Raising an eyebrow, She asks a loud question to the co-passenger Mr. Question-Mark.

“Ma’am, wo right side pe dikh rahi he.”-He hushes in low peach.

*** She takes out headphones. ***

“What?”-She asks raising eyebrows.

“Woh, rightside pe bahar dikh raha he..”-He repeated same avoiding eye contacts to her.

*** She realised WHAT he is talking about!***

“Kya?”-She asked to cut it straight.

“Ma’am, wo right soulder pe black patti stripe dikh rahi he bahar…”-He said looking at her like he saved her precious life and Izzat both.

*** She looked at him for a moment. ***

“Do you have it?”-She asked on little louder pitch.

“What?”-Now, HE was in some shock with the question.

“Aapke pas wo he kya?”-She repeated question in Hindi.

“Kya madamji..”-He asked impatiently.

“No. It seems you don’t have it.”-She said looking at him with pity.

“Ma’am, be straight. What you are asking- that I don’t have?”-He now asked it straight.

BRAIN. If you had been wearing your brain with you, It would have been visible just like strip of my bra.”-She said it straight, without word play.

*** He, feeling insulted stood up.. walked to next empty seat and relocated. ***

*** She put on her headphones without worrying much about that part of strip visible as her shoulder, as her visible brain made her strong not to. ***


Visible bra strip or a spot on her back- Have you noticed THAT?

Okay, is that so abnormal or naive?

Do wearing a bra or having spotting- makes her abnormal or different as dinosaur or mermaid?


Okay than. Notice, forget , Move on. And if want to notice her, notice her through her qualities, manners and intellect.

She will never discuss or mention how visible your this-that(hip line, strip of ug, unbuttoned shirt etc) is!

As She is busy observing your brain, intellect, sense of humour and lot more- If you have THAT.

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