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NO-KIRA : India reality for Akira fantasy

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I want to tell you few stories today!

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princes… ❤

wait, let me start in a new way… Not with words but with images…

Observe the following images and tell me what story/stories it tells you?

Image result for rapunzel story animatedImage result for cinderella story animated step by step

Image result for cinderella story animated step by step

Image result for rapunzel story animated   Image result for rapunzel story animated

Image result for cinderella story animated step by step

Image result for cinderella story animated step by stepImage result for rapunzel story animatedImage result for rapunzel story animated

Image result for cinderella story animated step by step

Image result for rapunzel story animated

Image result for cinderella story animated


So this tangled images narrates two stories, RIGHT?

Cinderella and Rapunzel ❤ In first few image stills….


Image result for frozen princess and prince    Image result for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs prince

Image result for Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas prince Image result for princes and frog movie

Image result for Mulan and princeImage result for Sleeping Beauty


Every  image above relates to a movie here… .

Frozen princess, Snow white, Beauty and the beast, Princess and the frog,   Mulan , sleeping beauty…. ❤ ❤ ❤

Amazing stories! Right?


Now see the below given images….

Image result for akira movieImage result for akira movie

Image result for akira movie Image result for akira movie

Image result for akira hindi movie

Now, which story you relate with this images?

Of course the recent bollywood movie- Akira.

Co-written, directed, and produced by AR Murugadoss with Sonakshi Sinha, Konkarna Sen, Anurag Kashyap in lead roles, Akira tells a story too loud.


Now, let me ask you a simple question..

How the earlier set of Disney princess movies relate with later Bollywood movie- Akira?

Any relation, similarity, contradiction?

Let me answer this question with a small dialogue with my dotty.

Before few days we- me and Heer went on a movie date. Akira was the movie this date. Though the movie was not a a kid’s movie, yet I recommended everyone in my friends and circle to watch the movie, especially with their kids(daughter to be specific).


Let me conclude that in words of my 7 and half years old.

Heer –  Mumma, this one is my favourite hero!

I – Beta who?


I- Beta He means Hero and She means Heroine.. what are you talking about?

Heer-Mumma, I am talking about Akira, She and yet Hero. She is my favourite hero!

I-Achha… Why?

Heer-You remember we had seen that movie of princess?

I-We have seen so many princess movies.. which one? and how that relates here with Akira?

Heer- Mumma, you don’t listen to me ever! You remember that movie of Snow white? than that of Frozen Princess? Also that Tangled/ Rapunzel? and Cinderella… also beauty and the beast. and….”

I-Yes beta.. I remember them all.. We have seen almost every Disney Princess movie.. What’s point here?

Heer-That’s the point mumma! In all those movies the princess awaited for prince to help, rescue and make them happy. Every princess had a prince, a hero to fight for her and save her. But AKIRA did it all on her own! She needed no prince. She been Hero for own fight and victory. She is my favourite Hero. I want to be like her!

I was speechless.

The whole drive from movie to home We were silent. Both mother and daughter were lost in thoughts.


No! I am not going to write movie review of Akira. Neither this is a paid promotional post.

I waited for more than 15 days to write this post, to write it out of movie effect.

Are you getting my point here?

  • NO?

Let me add one more dialogue here!

My seven and half years old daughter and my mother in law were chatting. Heer told her dadi the story of the movie Akira with enthusiasm and excitement. After narrating the story she concluded too.

Heer- Dadi, I want to be like Akira.

Dadi- Why? You want to be Gundi?

Heer- No, Dadi, I want to be like Akira.. Hero.

Dadi- Why? What all they show in movie is not good for us. We should not follow them.

Heer- But dadi, I want to fight for justice and rights like Akira.

Dadi- You should not fight with anyone. A girl should not fight.

Heer- Dadi, What if someone hurts my friends? I can help my friends if I fight like Akira, right?

Dadi- No. You should not fight for anyone. girls don’t fight. It don’t sound/look good.

Heer- But Dadi, if someone try to hurt me than? I will have to fight right?

Dadi- Why you will do something such that someone will try hurt to you? Good girls behave good and never do argues/fights and help their mothers and study well and follow family traditions…

Heer(a little disappointed)- I want to join karate classes. I want to learn self defence.. mumma said…

Dadi-No need to. There are so many good skills to learn.. Learn- cooking, dancing, helping mother, drawing etc.. What’s point in learning fighting… We are no goons. You have to be a good girl not a gundi.

And now it was Heer’s turn to go speechless.


SO! The story I want to tell you is of an Indian girl.

An average Indian Girl.. Who is raised to be a good girl. Sanskari, Sabhya, Sushil, Susankrut, Gharelu, Samzdar, Balidaan ki murat, Silent, Sahanshil and the list goes on… Who is trained to be an ideal Bahu regardless whatever she dreams to be! “Who will merry you?”- is the nightmare she is programmed with. Marriage is her only life destination and goal. Cooking, Cleaning, keeping family members happy, sacrificing own happiness, crying silently, keeping mouth shut always- is what she is taught to do. For anything unusual or challenging, she is denied permission. She has to take permission even to step out her own house. And most of the time she is assisted by a male member of her house. No, not for her protection… But mostly to keep watch on her. To observe her and to restrict her.

“GOOD GIRL dos and donts”– the check list is long and keeps on expanding.

How can a girl dream to break this stereo type?

How a girl can decide to be good or little bad or bad for a while on own choices?

How can a girl deny taking help from men of her family?

How can a girl fight her own battle?

How can a girl be Hero!



AKIRA, A movie which is not extra ordinary movie. A typical bollywood masala movie you can rate it. But the best thing about movie I found was-

  • Akira’s father trains her for self defence.
  • Akira learns fight and from small age, start raising for own rights!
  • Akira is not sorry for her past and is proud of what she is.
  • Akira resists and fights for everything wrong comes her ways.
  • Akira likes her bhabhi’s brother but never depends on him or her own brother to help her.
  • Akira never calls out for hero to rescue her…

Last but not least…

  • Akira never dances around trees or never performs on any cheap item song, not even in dreams!


I am happy my daughter found AKIRA as her role model… what about you?


Book Review: Faster, Smarter, Higher: Managing Your Career by Utkarsh Rai

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Self help books somehow have never appealed me, yet one book has changed my perception! “Faster , Smarter , Higher – Managing your career” is a Book that will appeal everyone and help too.

This book helps in organizing and managing a successful career. Almost everyone who wish to rise high in their career depend on expertise on subjective matter and not on their skill. from Experts to managers, from employees to entrepreneur-it targets everyone. Though beginners who are stepping into professional world can be most benefited by the book, if implement and practice all what it talks about.


In this era of competition, we all face different professional threats. For different layers of corporate and social corpse, different challenges are faced. This book helps in overcoming issues and fighting fears. The insights given in the book helps one to excel one’s career to new heights.

Key points that I found worth noting (quoted from the book):
1) Never ask your manager ‘when can I get promoted?’. Instead, the right question is ‘what skills do I need to demonstrate to move to the next level?’
2) You need to subtly beat your own drum without being pompous about it. The best way to increase your visibility is to interact with more and more people, especially those high in the hierarchy
3) As a manager, the more you empower your employees, the more they take their job seriously and deliver with full accountability and responsibility
4) As a manager, earn your respect than demand it. Respect is directly proportional to a person’s behaviour rather than their position
5) It is very important to increase your interactions with stakeholders of the next level and to make them aware of your contributions, skills and your capabilities

It is also evident that this book provides straight guides. The author has used simple language so that readers could easily get what he tries to convey. He also adds up more information through the advice and case studies.

This book can be best suggested for those who want to improve with career perspective and also to those who love reading non fiction. Language simplicity and sharp Ideas makes this book Perfect!


About the Book:

Title : Faster, Smarter, Higher : Managing Your Career

Author :  Utkarsh Rai

Publisher : Rupa Publications India

Genre : Non Fiction / Management

ISBN : 9788129137500, 812913750X

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :


Book Review: The Rude Tenderness of Our Hearts

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-Do you like Short stories?


– Why?

– I feel its difficult to convey heart and soul of story in few words.

– But that’s writer’s fuss. Why you don’t like reading short stories?

– I am fade up of reading love/sex/dhoka/dosti/samaj/anyaay kinda stereo type stories.

– Ahaa, Interesting! Try reading this Book.

– I told you, I don’t read Short Stories!

– This is different!

– I don’t believe ” This is different”- bullshit.

– Don’t be judgemental. Read.


Above is my dialogue with self regarding the book I am talking about!

What Next?

*Reads* *Reads* *Reads*



And *Reads* on and on!

Glues to it.

7 stories. Different contexts. Diverse emotions. One feel- MUST READ.

Every story develops in different background, expresses different emotions.

Divine passionate love, sacrifice of a father, self dialogue and assessment of busy life race, poverty v/s fatherhood, honour killing, life priorities, patriotism- and lot more.

Usual humanly emotions/qualities with unusual narration. The classy selection of words and the mesmerizing way of story telling- it has it all.

Every story the book narrates, makes home within you in one or the other form. Every character it creates, merges within your soul. Every story binds you and at the same time frees you too.

No, I shall not be talking about any of the seven stories, as I don’t want to spoil the magic it will create. Besides the stories are so strong and touching that every reader will carry a different perception/view about it. Read your self and experience the aura.

Links to reach the Book:


Conclusion: A MUST READ

I don’t rate Book, yet I will call this – 5 / 5 – A total different experience in lanes of words, characters, emotions, stories.


I know the author of the book Mr. Saket Suryesh through Twitter (@saket71) and this book opened up an entire fresh aspect of him to me. I read the book without knowing his personal details and after reading the book when I read his introduction, I was happily amused. Amused for my correct finding! Finding about- one emotion that every story among seven tells- fatherhood. Upon finishing the book, inside me a voice said, only a father (to be precise father of a daughter) can write this delicate feelings and strong bonds so perfectly! And I was write about it. Mr. Saket lives at Delhi with his wife and daughter. He works in technology domain and writes between different roles from professional to personal- and hence ads variation to writing. He is well read and balanced in many domains from literature to politics!

You can find more about authot at –


Book Review ~ Secretly Yours by Vikrant Khanna

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Books Keep me up and high. I may forget carrying my purse with me but never a book! And breathing stories and words I have been associated with Blogadda Book reviews. It is always pleasure to opt for a book review from blogadda as most of the book the open for are superb in own genre.

This time I read “Secretly Yours” by Vikrant Khanna under same Book review program. I have been too choosy in reading love stories, as most of the Indian authors have disappointed me as far as love stories are concerned.

Yet, I had picked up “Secretly yours” by Vikrant khanna and following was my experience.


Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Limited (16 June 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0143425919
ISBN-13: 978-0143425915


” The story is based over the beautiful city of Shimla. A seventeen years Sahil is a lost teenager who has no goal in life and has more issues than candles his birthday cake would have. Sahil has lost his parents and lives with his grandmother, elder brother and a cousin. Sahil has no interest in socialization or studies. Music is the only thing which hangs on Sahil with life. The character of Sahil may resemble to many teenagers of this age who hate almost everything about their life and are never happy for anything. Sahil do have few friends yet not closed ones. Sahil don’t interact with his family even. Sahil plays guitar, reads books, drinks lot, cuts self, roams around alone. Sahil dreams to be an author one day and writes a novel. Sahil is someone very common to this generation.

The story revolves around Sahil’s zombiness and takes turns with the entry of a pretty girl Anya. Anya, who has enrolled in Sahil’s music academy, makes him fall for her on the first sight. After the flattering entry of Anya the pretty happy-go-lucky girl, the story revolves around Love-Ishq-Mahobbat and all. Sahil keeps on wooing Anya and Anya keeps on rejecting. Friend-zoned Sahil conveys his love to Anya many times but Anya surprisingly  rejects him and yet keeps on hanging around him. Anya and her friends behave suspicious adding mystery to the story.

Sahil, Anya, Love, Teenager issues – the story goes beyond this and talks about suspicious multiple murders. Every murder happening in Shimla, somehow surrounds Sahil and Anya. Story takes many turns towards the revelation of suspense. And of course I will not open any thread of it. “


  • Chapters are short. Language is simple.
  • Narrates issues common to most teenagers.
  • Talks about murder, rape and its emotional outburst.


  • The story is very loosely woven.
  • None of the character makes impression out on readers pace.
  • Characters are not developed properly.
  • Story is too slow and many times drives confusingly.
  • No logic, background research is done for writing crime scenes. Everything sounds too simple to crack down.
  • Suspense is too predictable and disappointing.
  • Story fails in gripping a reader’s mind.

Take out:  I will not conclude too negative yet to state positive review for this book is far too difficult for me. I literally felt disappointed for opting for this book’s review. From the beginning till end I had to drag myself to finish just for the sake of doing this review for blogadda. I have not read any other book by same author and I will not pick up after this one.

Though the final word may change as per one’s likes and reading habits. Dont judge from this review, but read on your own and find out how the book is!


This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

The bravest thing you have ever done!

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Yes, You read the title right.

No, I am not going to boast about my bravest act but I wish to share and spread courage with affirmation.

indexI had been on “Quora” since long but have been active since few months. Using different modes of Social Media platform I have noted positive perspectives of every SM. I am addicted to Twitter (find me on Twitter -> HERE) since long and it has been my only source of keeping up to date with current affairs/news/controversies/information – everything! I have left Facebook like ages ago and never missed it to be back. Since I left facebook, I kinda got rid of wishing happy birthday/anniversary/this/that to the ones who never cared for my existence or exit. I left thousands of friends to be with my few adorable buddies- books!


And accidentally I met Quora one day ( Find me on Quora ->  HERE). Quora is a platform that is based on Questions and Answers. Now one must wonder that what shall be fun in such a social media?  I also had same feel earlier but since few months Quora has been kinda best buddy. I have been following strangers on Quora with interesting domains from compilers to relationship. And believe me, every time I open Quora, I find interesting answers that teaches something wonderful every time. Also I am glued to super interesting questions whom I answer as per my experience and expertise as per my ease. I keep many questions in “answer later” too! In short Quora inspires, helps, sorts and provides a creative way to invest time.

You must be thinking that why today I am doing this “Social Media Katha”?

Before a month or so, I came across a quora question- What is the bravest things you have ever done? and I had thought of writing something that had happened last year near Diwali. taking time out, I wrote the full episode that had been nightmare for months. A real long answer it was. I wrote it just to spread awareness and courage. surprisingly that answer got viral and had thousands of up-votes and hundreds of comments in just a day. I took care to answer each individual comment appreciating time they have invested in reading my such a long answer and sharing feedback too. I was overwhelmed by all the positive and motivating comments. The best experience was, I received so many private massages sharing their battles and adding that my story inspired them to fight back and stay strong. A student facing bully, A teenager girl facing eve teasing, a working mother victim of cyber bullying and many others said same- that they had taken this pain and suffering as their fate but after reading my story they decided to fight back and protect own dignity. I felt content, not for upvoted but for the message spread. Following is the link to that answer – which describes our(me and my two friends) battle to catch and get punished – a psychopath who was harassing more than 50 woman across Gujarat. Readers not only read such a long answer but also requested me to write the chase story- how police could spot the moron and how twitter helped us to get help from Smriti Iraniji and Anandiben Patel. I wrote the chase story and got the equal warm response. Strangers admiring truth, honesty and fight.

I was too occupied in responding to all messages and comments when something more surprising happened. The story took tall on social media in many possible forms, following are few –

One Tweet To Smriti Irani & NaMo Saved 50 Women From A Psychopath’s Harassment. Here’s How

And also Radio Mirchi approached me for an interview. (refer parts of Radio Interview here- )

RJ Rahil been too decent and humble to take the interview in best possible ways and it was aired same day in a one hour duration spreading strong massage to fight back and hold courage.

The last hit was- my students. My students read the Quora answer and acknowledged it with pride and appreciation. They promised me to raise their voice against all modes of wrongs and fight back for protecting own dignity.

I am happy that I could spread courage and positivity. 🙂

Book Tag – The Reading Habits Book Tag

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I was tagged by Bhakti Motta  { } for book tag before long. But Finally today I will!

Let me start!

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

Yes,I have a separate study/library/recreation room. Though I prefer reading on Zula, placed in my compound. The fresh air and a cup of tea besides, makes a perfect Book-date for me.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Bookmarks. I have collection of interesting Bookmarks too! {Courtesy – Amazon and Flipcart 🙂 }

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?

I cant stop on any page or para! While I am reading a book, I am actually living that story within. Hence I can not stop till the characters I am living can conclude and allow me to resume next day. Sometimes I do read in quick sessions of minutes, sometimes it prolong for hours but overnight is my favourite!

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

I prefer a cup of hot streaming tea while reading. Sip after sip dipped with words make me feel high. Though I take care not to spill even a single drop over my book. I take care of my books like my baby- possessive!

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

No! Never! Just reading. Exclusive Book-date!

6. One book at a time or several at once?

One book at a time. I indulge so much in the book I am reading that even after finishing the one, I take time to release self from its aura. I treasure the stories I read, characters I have time travelled deep within and hence can not read multiple at once.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?

Anywhere, Everywhere! A book and Me are inseparable and very much in love with each-other. We jam so so well that I define my home to be the place where my books are.

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Silently outside, loud within.

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

Never. I read every word, line, para, page. I even re-read for references, if feel need.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I already answered that ahead! Books are love of my life, only buddies I have. and hence I am super passives about them. I take good care of them, like my baby!

11. Do you write in your books?

Never! I like my book only with words and stories it says. If I like something, I blog it and make it memory.

12. Who do you tag?

Now thats the little difficult part!

Here’s the list of wonderful people I would like to tag.

Pritam Kothari { He makes me feel “J” for having such a great choice with Books!}

Vishal Katariya { He is fountain of inspiration and positivity always! }

Siddharth Chhaya { A #BFF need no introduction!}

Shikha Saxena { She makes words Live!}

Sandhya Rathore {Her poems will make you time travel from dreams to hardcore reality!}

Rahul { He writes poems as well as stories with such a flair that we live them within while reading! }

{ Please, do tag me once you are done answering the questions, i’d love to read them. }

Thank you so much Bhakti  {The first blogger I have immense urge to meet in real and give a tight hug for being such a close bud!}  for tagging me, I enjoyed answering! 🙂

Sex and Sin…

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I Know, I am best at what I do! My work pays off my living.. and hence, I must work wholeheartedly! – She was thinking within. She was a very professional lady. She was best at her profession and knew her value as well as professional attics very well. SHE, She can have any name! Let her be SHE!

She was on work-assignment again.. As everyday! But today was little different. She had no will to work today. She wanted to lock herself in her room with no one to bother. She had a huge fight with HIM this morning. After HIS call, She tried to move over the matter, but HIS words kept on moving within her!

SHE still remembered the list line-“Fuck off you bitch! You are a real whore and only good at fucking around! Good for nothing else! Go and Die- you slut!”

Every time She re-caped his words, She tried making self strong.

She entered the room. She got seated near his client of today, starting a formal conversation.  She looked at dim lights and….


“Enough is enough-you slut! Stop arguing. I am here to take decisions, you need not to use your narrow mind for that. Remember you are Good at only two things- sex and salary- use your skill their only! When I said you have to do this, You have to. No Ifs and Buts. Stop fucking around like an egoistic whore and learn to be an obedient wife! This is my house and If you cant follow my words, doors are open.”-He said in single breath. He was calm. He used this card of offending her self esteem every time he was out of any valid point. He knew She can never leave the house and him. He knew that for kids she will hold. HE knew for love-commitment-relationship, she will.

She uttered no word. Slowly she walked to bedroom.

She had a tough-long working day and at home this mess. She was habituated of all this humiliation. What pained her was- With every argue/fight/humiliation – the love/respect/truthfulness she had kept ignited within was fading.

She told kids a fairy tale. With every word of the story, she urged for some magic!

“I want coffee.”- He said. While she was telling kids story, he had already been in room. Waiting for kids to sleep perhaps, to raise his demands and rights.

She understood what he wants, but She was not ready for it.

“I want coffee. Cold coffee today with extra sugar. And I need it now.”-he ordered sinking back to his mobile screen.

She got his hints well.

“No force from my side. I cant force you! Its okay, if you don’t wish to…”-He didn’t finished the statement. He always used this trick and it worked every-time.

She turned lights off, slowly moved towards him and….



She slowly unveiled him. Gently, carefully, lovingly yet passionately! Her hands were moving on his naked body, playing the music he loved and longed for.. She bend down a little, allowing her body to lean on him. Her fingers caressed his hairs and her lips started conversations with his neck.

With closed eyes, The morning conversations popped out with the labels “whore, slut, ***”. Her tongue felt soar and her fingers froze..

She closed her eyes and reminded herself *Duties/Love/commitment/…*. 

She closed her eyes. She closed her heart and head too. 

And her tongue started exploring his bare back, tickling his nerves out. Her gentle kisses made him moan. His back and her lips, had a long beautiful conversation about making love.  He was laying like a king on the bed. She was making love, as she was asked to. And like a process, He turned around, to let her explore more of his body.

She closed her eyes. She reminded herself-*Duties/Love/commitment/…*

Her lips and fingers started playing with his every tissue, to make him feel loved. He was laying down, enjoying the process. Yes, the process.

For a moment, she had immense urge to kiss him. kiss him so deep that all his hatred evaporate and seeds of love blossom.. But, She didn’t, as He didn’t liked kissing any more.  She did “Exactly” everything that he loved and felt turned on with! For a moment, she urged for his touch, wanted his hands to…. -She blocked her imaginations too, and continued “the process”. Her lips, fingers and tongue served his body passionately. And as he loved/liked, She finished it too, with a blow job- a deep, wild one. Without any of his movement, effort, touch, participation- She made love to him. Single sided Love.

And  He was too high and exhausted to sleep in moments.

And it was impossible for her to sleep now.

She walked near window and look at the half moon. She ogled at the moon like she ogled at HIM. Not as process but with Love!


And she visualized him in front of her. She closed her eyes!

She was in some illusion, but she kept eyes closed to continue it.

He slowly walked to her, his fingers locked with hers. His and Her lags started moving in rhythm. He gently pushed Her towards the wall, where she rested steal. He moved too close to her that his breaths told Her- how much she was being missed! And He planted his lips on hers. The gentle and slow kiss went on to be deep, passionate soul touching kiss.

On her lips He left Freedom. On his lips She left Love.

* Mobile buzzed*

And She was dragged back to reality…

She looked at Him, having peaceful carefree sleep.

She closed her eyes. She reminded herself-*Duties/Love/commitment/…*

Tear drops silently ran over her lips, diluting the illusionary kissing marks.

She Bowed her hands and prayed The God almighty to forgive her *SIN*.

*SIN* to dream, *SIN* to seek love, *SIN* to seek Sex as well!

*Guilt*-She breathed guilt hence forth.

Who She was? a wife or a Whore?


“ઘ-Ome”~ A Dream!

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Yesterday someone asked me a simple question that made me dumbstruck.

The question was-” What is your favourite food?”

Yes, the question is simple and straight.

I replied that promptly-”I am good at cooking Pulav/Biriyani.”

The reply chained another question-”I didn’t asked about the best dish you cook! I asked about your favourite food!”

I felt little concerned. I replied with a smile-”Heer loves Pizza, Maggie, Gulab Jamun and all sort of junk food. But Keyur loves simple food. He can eat tinde ki sabji almost every alternate day!”

My answer drawn a pause and one more question-”That’s not what I asked! I asked about YOUR favourite food item. YOUR!”

And I was dumbstruck. I literally didn’t knew what to answer. No one had ever asked me this before since very-very long. Even I had never asked myself this! I had to time travel to my childhood, where my mother knew what I love to eat. Few memory-frames with a chubby girl wearing a red velvet frock rolled across my eyes.

I smiled. I didn’t replied.

I didn’t replied and the other one got the answer hence didn’t asked me again.


With a cup of tea in my hand, a book lying besides, I started thinking of and noting down- My likes and loves on paper- late night. The tea-mug got empty and so was the paper!

I asked my self- My favourite food, favourite colour, favourite drink, favourite movie, favourite this-that. I ended up calling up mom asking the list. With my surprise she knew it all which I had no idea about.

Like I had lost myself in process of being a wife/daughter-in-law/mother/working woman/list-of-roles!

I started missing myself! I started haunting myself.

And in that restless sleep, I had a dream.


It was a beautiful-peaceful place, little far away from city. In middle of a farm, it had a huge building. Though the building was huge, the design of it was of ancient villages. The whole building was decorated by beautiful handmaid paintings of non-artists.

The building had a big board with name- -Ome”.

I slowly walked towards the building realizing that the only way to reach the building was by walking, as it had no formal road to reach. I walked in the farm slowly, taking care of the tiny plants around. Upon reaching the building, I observed tiny circular cottages within the building premises. In the middle there was a huge class building and around it had many small cottages. The first glance inside itself gave me sense of belonging and freedom.

Slowly observing everyone around, I reached in middle of the building-near the glass dome. The whole building was made of glass and had many glass partitions. From outside, you could see everything-everyone clearly. Like there was nothing to hide, nothing to be fake about! I felt good! The building had a board-“સત્ય-Truth”. I could see so much going on within the glass dome. The glass building had a beautiful library, kitchen, games zone, gym, creative art zone-and lot more! Every place was occupied with like-minded souls, enjoying being in that instance. I could witness people reading books- lying on floor, seating near window, relaxing on a friends back… I could see people performing drama with passion and madness, the happiness on their face was divine. I could see food-souls cooking various dishes engrossed in it like scientist yet enjoying it like an art. I could observe fitness freaks working out in gym, not to shape up their body- but to shape up happiness! I could see few of them seating on floor and making designer pots while others were weaving on charkha! So many diverse types of activities were going on and every one was doing- exactly what fuels their passion and brings them satisfaction-happiness-peace! The were doing- what they were liking/loving to do.

Looking at them I felt Happiness and peace and couldn’t stop imagining self being one of them!

From the middle, I started walking along the circular cottages! Around the glass dome, in circular shape well planned small cottages were situated. I could not resist myself from entering the nearby cottage! Every cottage had different colour and the shades said that it was coloured by some one naive. Every cottage had one wall-of-art, where I could see many names, messages, artwork, smiley, addresses- and lot more! Wooha! It looked like people lived there-on the wall, in form of graphics. Stepping in the cottage I found a huge room with balcony. The huge room had a king size bed, a wooden table-chair, rocking chair, cupboard and two huge windows too. Surprisingly, it had no kitchen, bedroom, drawing-room- no differentiation! Like one can live freely everything at once, at the same place. I felt freedom, I sensed peace too. I walked in the balcony of the cottage. It had few small plants on one side and a zula- perfect for spending time with self.

I roamed around every cottage and found people doing weird stuff- like sleeping at odd time, talking to each other on almost no topic, doing just nothing, singing songs, dancing on crazy tunes, writing in notes, painting on walls- lot lot more! Everything that can be labelled weird and crazy in normal day-to-day life was happening here. I felt rush of Adrenalin within.

I rushed to the small office located in a corner to inquire about this place. And what I could witness were broad hoardings saying- “No Internet Zone”, “No Mobile Zone”, “No Laptop Zone”, “No Technology Zone”, “No kids Zone”, “No family Zone” – ” Only YOU ZONE”! I found no one seating in the office, but there was a register on the table. I flipped through few pages and burst into laughter. It sparked so late to me that everyone I found here had few similarities- The were – Happy-Peaceful-Doing what they like/love- and most importantly XX chrome! Yes, I found only women around, at all places!

Near the register, I found a small Book with title- “-Ome”. Curiously I started reading it.. I found that -Ome” name is formed as “(ઘર =) + (HOME-H=) Ome”. This place is intentionally not a HOME- ઘર, As Home bounds woman! This place aims to give wings and freedom to all woman who live others will/wish/dreams/rules/regulations. This place is a weekend/vacation destination for Woman as whole- working or housewife. For whole week/month/year- what all you are carrying on/obeying/following- -Ome” frees you from all – to make you a simple Human, who can live what loves!

No, “-Ome” is not for “abla Nari” or dejected women. No, “-Ome” is not any NGO which is giving shelter to needy ones!

-Ome” is a dream that every woman had right to live in real.

-Ome” welcomes all women to live freedom, happiness and peace. It dreams woman to live few moments for own-self. It tries to connect woman with herself!


And when I opened eyes, I felt happy!

One day, I will make this dream true!

I have made promise with myself- One day I will create “-Ome” for us.

Unacademy~ Education for everyone!

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If you have not Read my below mentioned Post, You better listen to a story first!

You will be automatically directed to read the thread later…


Actionable Dreams~ Gaurav Munjal shows path to achieve dreams! 



Once upon a time {Yes, every story has to start with -once upon a time hence this to..}…

Once upon a time- there lived a middle class, average at appearance but brilliant at brain Girl- in a city. She was extrovert, outspoken, bold, courageous yet far too simple to express herself. She had zillion dreams in her big brown eyes.  She was topper in studies too! Because of her leadership qualities and brilliance, she was in good book/favourite list of all her school teacher. Kinda- a perfect childhood she had! Loving family, memorable school life and  strong educational background.

And the coin flipped.

After schooling, She got admission in Computer Engineering at a reputed Engineering College. She and her family were happy and hopeful about her bright future now.

As soon as the college started, She realised this is not going to be easy. starting from language barrier to grasping speed, it was difficult for her to catch up with her faculties and class. She tried noting down everything she could, but that was never enough. She gave her best, but the examination of first semester blown her off.

The brilliant topper girl had now fallen to be an average six pointer. Just a SIX pointer!

She struggled the other semester too. To prove her hard work, willingness to study and commitment towards career and studies- She put her best.

The result of second semester was little better than first, but yet she was just a – SIX point Something.

Her parents and She expected more than what she was performing.

Neither she had lost her focus, nor she was being irresponsible. What was wrong?- They could not find out!

Four years passed out, labelling her average student- with scorecard ranging from six pointer to seven pointer. That’s it.


She is now teaching in a reputed Engineering Institute. She is in her student’s Favourite list too. She enjoys teaching. She enjoys learning too!

Been labelled as an Average Student, now She understands difficulties of average students very well.

She believes- Like all your fingers don’t have same length, all students can not learn at same pace and speed. Some students do understand quickly, while some need to take time and revisions.

Hence, Teaching Mass with same methodology and speed affects understanding and wavelength of students.

What is solution? What can be solution?

She kept on searching for solution to teach all students equally.

And one fine morning, She got the spark of that solution in a talk! Yes, I am talking about the same TED talk linked in starting of this post. if you are too lazy to scroll up to refer the talk, let me provide it again. 🙂

Actionable Dreams~ Gaurav Munjal shows path to achieve dreams! 

Gaurav Munjal has proposed a solution to HER problem as- Not all students can perceive/understand/learn at same speed. So what we need? We need open classrooms. where one can learn/study on own time/flexibility. Also can revise/replay again, if can not get the topic at once. – mode of video lessons delivered on span of less than ten minutes. Gaurav Munjal added that as the length of the lesson increases, concentration of student decays.

Gaurav Munjal also Quotes- “High quality education should be affordable and accessible for everyone.”

Unacademy – – is a revolutionary solution which has hit the knowledge boundaries! It gives power to every individual to share their knowledge to spread open-free education.

I am happy and proud to be a contributor at Unacademy. Following is my Profile Link, where all my lessons shall be available. Please do follow, share your feedback and also support this novel and noble concept of Free education.


She, The average Student- She, The exceptional teacher- is now Happy and sorted.

Cinderella, who lives many stories!

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“तू कोई और है
जानता है तू
सामने इस जहां के
इक नक़ाब है
तू और है, कोई और है, क्यों नहीं वो, जो है “- The song kept on playing on loop.


“Have you taken leave for this Thursday? Reminding once again, as I know your normal excuses- Chhutti nahi mili, Meeting thi, Deadline he, Blah Blah!”-He said in soft tone, but the meaning was way deep and hard- She only knew why.

She kept on working in kitchen like the machine works perfect once plugged in.

“I am talking to you! Have you? “-And this time the voice pitch was little high and sharp as well.

“Yes. Done.”-She replied as sweetly as that voice in the elevator responds, mechanically too.


“तू जहां के वास्ते ख़ुद को भूल कर ,
अपने ही साथ ना ऐसे ज़ुल्म कर,
खोल दे वो गिरह,
जो लगाए तुझपे तू,
बोल दे तू कोई और है,
चेहरे जो ओढ़े तूने वो,
तेरे कहाँ हैं…” – The song played little louder…


A meeting at work place.

A deadline of Writing assignment.

Pending To-Do list at home,

Books in bag, waiting for the page turn…

Movie DVDs staring towards the empty sofa…

The Rocking chair in Balcony had started feeling dejected..

The Zula in the compound had started occasional sobbing..

The mirror forgot “Her” face kinda!

But She recalled everything – She was supposed to do.



“No, You can not understand the pain of loneliness. Since your Papa have passed away, you have left me dejected. A call in a week, a visit per month, little care, little concern… – What else I have demanded? I had a doctor’s appointment and as you had asked, I had scheduled it as per your convenience. Still you had to do important work on last moment. Its okay! You will understand this pain, when you will be at my age..”- She bragged on call. Her sobs made the call heavier than the mobile tower connecting them this moment.

“I am sorry Mom. I understand. I had left on time to reach for your appointment but at last moment got call from Babu’s school.”-She, a mother, tried consoling and convincing her own mother.

“I am no one’s priority now. No one worries for me now. You have your own family and…”-The sobs finished the statement.

“Mom, I understand. I will definitely make up this weekend. I promise.”- She said politely looking at calender.

The weekend laughed out loud on her.. like She owned them, to promise them out…


“Meeting at 11.30 this Saturday. Prepare presentation and mail me too. Give your best and get the deal done.”-The mail from boss, pour burden on Her.

“Parents meeting rescheduled on this Saturday at 10. Teachers shall discuss your wards weakness and strength this time.”-Beep of SMS increased Her BP to new highs.

“MIL’s birthday this Sunday. Call and book for a cake.”-a small notification of reminder gazed on screen till you swapped it away.


She switched off her phone. Closed the door of library room. Relaxed self on her favourite easy chair.

Closed eyes.


In her parallel world, She looked beautiful wearing a bright red evening gown,

She started softly- “O Romeo! It’s only your name that’s my enemy. You’d still be yourself even if you stopped being a Montague. What’s a Montague anyway? It isn’t a hand, a foot, an arm, a face, or any other part of a man. Oh, be some other name! What does a name mean? The thing we call a rose would smell just as sweet if we called it by any other name. Romeo would be just as perfect even if he wasn’t called Romeo. Romeo, lose your name. Trade in your name—which really has nothing to do with you—and take all of me in exchange.!”

She walked slowly, with open arms to hug her Romeo, in the frames of EPIC saga – Romeo-Juliet!


And from the other side a shadow entered…

The shadow shouted-“Oliver…Oliver.. You should have told me! Oliver, I am your father and I want to help you…”

The shadow came near to her, patted on her back- which was for this moment “His Son’s back”..

“Jenny is dead.” – She replied to the shadow, in manly voice, Being Oliver for this frame.

“I am sorry.”- Oliver’s Father, tried consoling her..

“Love means never having to say you are sorry!”-She, “The Oliver” from the pages of Erich Segals’s Love story, said it calmly!


“Pollyanna, Long years ago I loved somebody very much. I hoped to bring her, some day, to this house. I pictured how happy we’d be together in our home all the long years to come…”-She, Mr. Pendleton from “Pollyanna”, said banding on his knees..

And continued-“I didn’t Bring her here.. I just didn’t. And ever since this great grey pile of stone has been a house-never a home! It takes a woman’s hand and heart, or a child’s presence, to make a Home.. Pollyanna, Now will you come my dear?”-She, being Mr. Pendleton, almost begged to Pollyanna to stay with her…

She stared at Pollyanna for her answer, but across the mirror “She”- Being Pollyanna stood silently, thinking about her aunty Polly!


“My father’s ill. He could be dying. I have to go and see him.”-She cried, begged to him.. She-Betty Mahmoody for this frame and page!

“Well, You can. But Mahtob will stay here. Be back soon, She will miss her mother!”-Said Moody, Husband of Betty, The shadow on this page!

and She roared out loud like a Lioness-“I WANT MY BABY!”… She, Betty Mahmoody, Mother of Mahtob, out of the book-“Not without my daughter” for a while!


Her breaths became heavy.

She felt exhausted living so-many characters within!

Taking a deep breath she, now in the aura of Sylvia Plath, concluded her journey in a poem as…

“The prince leans to the girl in scarlet heels,

Her green eyes slant, hair flaring in a fan

Of silver as the rondo slows;now reels

Begin on tilted violins to span

The whole revolving tall glass palace hall

Where guests slide gliding into light like wine;

Rose candles flicker on the lilac wall

Reflecting in a million flagons’ shine,

And glided couples all in whirling trance

Follow holiday revel begun long since,

Until near twelve the strange girl all at once

Guilt-stricken halts, pales, clings to the prince

As amid the hectic music and cocktail talk

She hears the caustic ticking of the clock.”

And She disappeared!

On the tic of Twelve, She disappeared to be once again SHE.

She, Who was- a daughter, a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law, a sister, an employee, an author, a neighbour, a friend- and lot more.. But Not SHE, what She actually wanted to be, was born to be, dreamt to be!

She being “Cinderella” of- all the Books that She read, all the stories she lived, all the characters she played within, returned back to the cage house… To obey rules and to fulfil duties!


and The song ended concluding…

“टेढ़े रास्ते, ख़्वाब हैं तेरे
तेरे साथ जो उम्र भर चले
ओ इन्हें गले लगा
तू कौन है बता
ओ खोल दे ये गिरह

तू कोई और है
तेरी ना हदें
आसमान है
ख्याल है
बेमिसाल है
तू मौज है
तू रौनक़ें
चाहे जो तू, वो है “

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