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What if Kashibai loves Mastana?

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“Bajirao Mastani” has indeed been a huge Block buster of the year 2015-2016. Have you seen this EPIC-saga?

Bajirao Mastani Poster 2.jpg

Have you felt that it was truly an Epic?

What was the strongest point of the movie according to you?

Most of the viewers who have seen this movie may answer – “Love story of Bajirao and Mastani“- was the strongest and most beautiful plot of the movie.

Love story of Bajirao.

Who was he? 

A Peshwa(kinda Prime Minister of this age), a son of widow mother, a father of a son and last but not the least husband too!

So, Bajirao-Mastani was not just a love story of Bajirao, but was…

Love Story of a son,

Love Story of a Father,

Love Story of a Husband too!

Ji haan, We live in the nation that applauds on the dialogue- “हम जीते हे एक बार, मरते हे एक बार, शादी भी एक बार होती हे ओर प्यार…. प्यार भी एक ही बार होता हे!” , But also negates the same in practice.

Coming back to the movie plot of- Bajirao Mastani, Bajirao loves his wife Kashibai as well as Mastani both. He built mansions (Kinda महल) for both, spent time with both and had kids from both.

Okay, what is wrong? Nothing.

The history says- Many Kings used to have multiple wives before years and still in many customs-men are allowed to merry multiple number of times. No issue, at all.

So What is point of this post?

Let me tell you a story, that I visualised in my own third dimension- after watching this EPIC LOVE SAGA.


Bajirao Loved his wife Kashibai truly and madly. Kashibai was a loving and dutiful wife, also loving mother and obedient daughter-in-law. Bajirao used to travel across India for wars and politics. Almost 6-7 months a year he used to stay away from home. Kashibai, in absence of her husband completed all her duties faithfully with love and care.

This is what movie says, Now let me add a different dimension which I perceived.

Kashibai was fond of dancing, cooking, gardening and lot more forms of art. She loved taking interest in day-to-day cooking on her own, despite of being Peshwain(wife of Peshwa). In kitchen they had staff cooking variety of meals with best possible aroma-flavour and taste, yet no one could compete with Kashibai -as she added her love to all she cooked. In kitchen along with all staff, there worked a chief cook-whose name was…. name could be Raheman/Josef/Raam- any name, any religion! Lets call the chief cook by a pseudo name Mastana. (So, you got my point already? Never mind, Keep reading!)

Kashibai had habit of singing Krushn-Bhajans while cooking, as she had belief that the thoughts you have in your mind while cooking adds value to meal you cook. Mastana was also a fine singer who accompanied Kashibai in singing BhaktiGeet while cooking. With time, Kashibai and Mastana had been more of friends than master and slave. They shared a special bond such that what even the family didn’t know about Kashibai, Mastana was aware of! Kashibai’s fear, likes, moment of joy, passion for music, love for Peshwa- Mastana knew everything about her, what he had perceived from her eyes, while spending time with him. No, They have never tried or hit on each other ever, but they had mutual feelings of liking each other or more-which didn’t need any confirmation. 

With time Kashibai started realising that she loves Bajirao madly but she also loves Mastana with a different height, wavelength and pace. She was honest and truthful by nature. Mastana also felt the same vibe of love and commitment towards Kashibai. They both shared their mutual feeling of love and decided to disclose same to Bajirao as soon as he returns home.

One fine morning, Bajirao Peshwa returns with his troop after a gala victory in some war. Kashibai welcomes him with same love, warmth and affection. To welcome Peshwa back to new home, Kashibai decides to cook all favorite dishes of Peshwa. She spends hours to cook finest dishes singing her favourite Krushna-Bhajans. Accompanying her, Mastana was also in the same kitchen but a little silent and withdrawn for apparent reasons. Their eyes talks in language of tears and agrees upon to tell the truth to Bajirao as soon as possible. While leaving the kitchen, looking at the pain in eyes of Mastana, Kashibai kisses him for a moment-to make him feel her commitment towards him too. And the same moment Bajirao enters Kitchen looking for Kashibai. Knowing the commitment, care, love and nature of Kashibai from core, Bajirao can not believe what his eyes have just seen. He silently left the scene, but a little broke within.

After gala-dinner, Kashibai and Bajirao decides to spend some time in their garden. Kashibai gatheres strength and tells him all about the bond she and Mastana shares.

Kashibai repeatedly admittes her- love for Bajirao with same madness and passion but also addes that she can not live without Mastana!

Kashibai asks permission from Bajirao to marry Mastana and bring him home with dignity as her second legally wedded husband. Bajirao feels hurt, dejected and broke. Bajirao leaves the scene without speaking a word and breaks into tears. Bajirao don’t allow Kashibai for marrying Mastana, But by that time- Kashibai ane Mastana declares to whole family and society about their love and relations. Mastana starts living with Kashibai like her husband. Bajirao do’t like sharing his love and life partner but feels helpless. Family, society, religion- opposes this relation of Kashibai and Mastana with all possible curse words and harsh actions! But the true love of Kashibai and Mastana gives them strength to fight all odds.

They fight. They fight for their love. They live together and live indulged in love.

“Kashibai Mastana”- becomes names in history to mark EPIC LOVE SAGA.


Okay, now you got my point?

Love has no gender, just like betrayal hasn’t.

I didn’t liked the movie – “Bajirao Mastani” as much as it is hyped and It is a mega HIT.

But if someone has guts to make a fiction called- “Kashibai Mastana”, I will love to watch, and I am pretty sure it will be years biggest FLOP and even can get banned for deforming character-values of Indian woman!

  1. What a point of view!
    I salute u 🙂


  2. it’s “Mansions” and not “Mentions” 🙂


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