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If you have not Read my below mentioned Post, You better listen to a story first!

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Actionable Dreams~ Gaurav Munjal shows path to achieve dreams! 



Once upon a time {Yes, every story has to start with -once upon a time hence this to..}…

Once upon a time- there lived a middle class, average at appearance but brilliant at brain Girl- in a city. She was extrovert, outspoken, bold, courageous yet far too simple to express herself. She had zillion dreams in her big brown eyes.  She was topper in studies too! Because of her leadership qualities and brilliance, she was in good book/favourite list of all her school teacher. Kinda- a perfect childhood she had! Loving family, memorable school life and  strong educational background.

And the coin flipped.

After schooling, She got admission in Computer Engineering at a reputed Engineering College. She and her family were happy and hopeful about her bright future now.

As soon as the college started, She realised this is not going to be easy. starting from language barrier to grasping speed, it was difficult for her to catch up with her faculties and class. She tried noting down everything she could, but that was never enough. She gave her best, but the examination of first semester blown her off.

The brilliant topper girl had now fallen to be an average six pointer. Just a SIX pointer!

She struggled the other semester too. To prove her hard work, willingness to study and commitment towards career and studies- She put her best.

The result of second semester was little better than first, but yet she was just a – SIX point Something.

Her parents and She expected more than what she was performing.

Neither she had lost her focus, nor she was being irresponsible. What was wrong?- They could not find out!

Four years passed out, labelling her average student- with scorecard ranging from six pointer to seven pointer. That’s it.


She is now teaching in a reputed Engineering Institute. She is in her student’s Favourite list too. She enjoys teaching. She enjoys learning too!

Been labelled as an Average Student, now She understands difficulties of average students very well.

She believes- Like all your fingers don’t have same length, all students can not learn at same pace and speed. Some students do understand quickly, while some need to take time and revisions.

Hence, Teaching Mass with same methodology and speed affects understanding and wavelength of students.

What is solution? What can be solution?

She kept on searching for solution to teach all students equally.

And one fine morning, She got the spark of that solution in a talk! Yes, I am talking about the same TED talk linked in starting of this post. if you are too lazy to scroll up to refer the talk, let me provide it again. 🙂

Actionable Dreams~ Gaurav Munjal shows path to achieve dreams! 

Gaurav Munjal has proposed a solution to HER problem as- Not all students can perceive/understand/learn at same speed. So what we need? We need open classrooms. where one can learn/study on own time/flexibility. Also can revise/replay again, if can not get the topic at once. – mode of video lessons delivered on span of less than ten minutes. Gaurav Munjal added that as the length of the lesson increases, concentration of student decays.

Gaurav Munjal also Quotes- “High quality education should be affordable and accessible for everyone.”

Unacademy – – is a revolutionary solution which has hit the knowledge boundaries! It gives power to every individual to share their knowledge to spread open-free education.

I am happy and proud to be a contributor at Unacademy. Following is my Profile Link, where all my lessons shall be available. Please do follow, share your feedback and also support this novel and noble concept of Free education.


She, The average Student- She, The exceptional teacher- is now Happy and sorted.

  1. Do you teach BCA-MCA students?


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