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“ઘ-Ome”~ A Dream!

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Yesterday someone asked me a simple question that made me dumbstruck.

The question was-” What is your favourite food?”

Yes, the question is simple and straight.

I replied that promptly-”I am good at cooking Pulav/Biriyani.”

The reply chained another question-”I didn’t asked about the best dish you cook! I asked about your favourite food!”

I felt little concerned. I replied with a smile-”Heer loves Pizza, Maggie, Gulab Jamun and all sort of junk food. But Keyur loves simple food. He can eat tinde ki sabji almost every alternate day!”

My answer drawn a pause and one more question-”That’s not what I asked! I asked about YOUR favourite food item. YOUR!”

And I was dumbstruck. I literally didn’t knew what to answer. No one had ever asked me this before since very-very long. Even I had never asked myself this! I had to time travel to my childhood, where my mother knew what I love to eat. Few memory-frames with a chubby girl wearing a red velvet frock rolled across my eyes.

I smiled. I didn’t replied.

I didn’t replied and the other one got the answer hence didn’t asked me again.


With a cup of tea in my hand, a book lying besides, I started thinking of and noting down- My likes and loves on paper- late night. The tea-mug got empty and so was the paper!

I asked my self- My favourite food, favourite colour, favourite drink, favourite movie, favourite this-that. I ended up calling up mom asking the list. With my surprise she knew it all which I had no idea about.

Like I had lost myself in process of being a wife/daughter-in-law/mother/working woman/list-of-roles!

I started missing myself! I started haunting myself.

And in that restless sleep, I had a dream.


It was a beautiful-peaceful place, little far away from city. In middle of a farm, it had a huge building. Though the building was huge, the design of it was of ancient villages. The whole building was decorated by beautiful handmaid paintings of non-artists.

The building had a big board with name- -Ome”.

I slowly walked towards the building realizing that the only way to reach the building was by walking, as it had no formal road to reach. I walked in the farm slowly, taking care of the tiny plants around. Upon reaching the building, I observed tiny circular cottages within the building premises. In the middle there was a huge class building and around it had many small cottages. The first glance inside itself gave me sense of belonging and freedom.

Slowly observing everyone around, I reached in middle of the building-near the glass dome. The whole building was made of glass and had many glass partitions. From outside, you could see everything-everyone clearly. Like there was nothing to hide, nothing to be fake about! I felt good! The building had a board-“સત્ય-Truth”. I could see so much going on within the glass dome. The glass building had a beautiful library, kitchen, games zone, gym, creative art zone-and lot more! Every place was occupied with like-minded souls, enjoying being in that instance. I could witness people reading books- lying on floor, seating near window, relaxing on a friends back… I could see people performing drama with passion and madness, the happiness on their face was divine. I could see food-souls cooking various dishes engrossed in it like scientist yet enjoying it like an art. I could observe fitness freaks working out in gym, not to shape up their body- but to shape up happiness! I could see few of them seating on floor and making designer pots while others were weaving on charkha! So many diverse types of activities were going on and every one was doing- exactly what fuels their passion and brings them satisfaction-happiness-peace! The were doing- what they were liking/loving to do.

Looking at them I felt Happiness and peace and couldn’t stop imagining self being one of them!

From the middle, I started walking along the circular cottages! Around the glass dome, in circular shape well planned small cottages were situated. I could not resist myself from entering the nearby cottage! Every cottage had different colour and the shades said that it was coloured by some one naive. Every cottage had one wall-of-art, where I could see many names, messages, artwork, smiley, addresses- and lot more! Wooha! It looked like people lived there-on the wall, in form of graphics. Stepping in the cottage I found a huge room with balcony. The huge room had a king size bed, a wooden table-chair, rocking chair, cupboard and two huge windows too. Surprisingly, it had no kitchen, bedroom, drawing-room- no differentiation! Like one can live freely everything at once, at the same place. I felt freedom, I sensed peace too. I walked in the balcony of the cottage. It had few small plants on one side and a zula- perfect for spending time with self.

I roamed around every cottage and found people doing weird stuff- like sleeping at odd time, talking to each other on almost no topic, doing just nothing, singing songs, dancing on crazy tunes, writing in notes, painting on walls- lot lot more! Everything that can be labelled weird and crazy in normal day-to-day life was happening here. I felt rush of Adrenalin within.

I rushed to the small office located in a corner to inquire about this place. And what I could witness were broad hoardings saying- “No Internet Zone”, “No Mobile Zone”, “No Laptop Zone”, “No Technology Zone”, “No kids Zone”, “No family Zone” – ” Only YOU ZONE”! I found no one seating in the office, but there was a register on the table. I flipped through few pages and burst into laughter. It sparked so late to me that everyone I found here had few similarities- The were – Happy-Peaceful-Doing what they like/love- and most importantly XX chrome! Yes, I found only women around, at all places!

Near the register, I found a small Book with title- “-Ome”. Curiously I started reading it.. I found that -Ome” name is formed as “(ઘર =) + (HOME-H=) Ome”. This place is intentionally not a HOME- ઘર, As Home bounds woman! This place aims to give wings and freedom to all woman who live others will/wish/dreams/rules/regulations. This place is a weekend/vacation destination for Woman as whole- working or housewife. For whole week/month/year- what all you are carrying on/obeying/following- -Ome” frees you from all – to make you a simple Human, who can live what loves!

No, “-Ome” is not for “abla Nari” or dejected women. No, “-Ome” is not any NGO which is giving shelter to needy ones!

-Ome” is a dream that every woman had right to live in real.

-Ome” welcomes all women to live freedom, happiness and peace. It dreams woman to live few moments for own-self. It tries to connect woman with herself!


And when I opened eyes, I felt happy!

One day, I will make this dream true!

I have made promise with myself- One day I will create “-Ome” for us.

  1. All the best, May you achieve your dream result soon. Stay blessed 🙏😇

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