Bhumika Desai Shah

Sex and Sin…

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I Know, I am best at what I do! My work pays off my living.. and hence, I must work wholeheartedly! – She was thinking within. She was a very professional lady. She was best at her profession and knew her value as well as professional attics very well. SHE, She can have any name! Let her be SHE!

She was on work-assignment again.. As everyday! But today was little different. She had no will to work today. She wanted to lock herself in her room with no one to bother. She had a huge fight with HIM this morning. After HIS call, She tried to move over the matter, but HIS words kept on moving within her!

SHE still remembered the list line-“Fuck off you bitch! You are a real whore and only good at fucking around! Good for nothing else! Go and Die- you slut!”

Every time She re-caped his words, She tried making self strong.

She entered the room. She got seated near his client of today, starting a formal conversation.  She looked at dim lights and….


“Enough is enough-you slut! Stop arguing. I am here to take decisions, you need not to use your narrow mind for that. Remember you are Good at only two things- sex and salary- use your skill their only! When I said you have to do this, You have to. No Ifs and Buts. Stop fucking around like an egoistic whore and learn to be an obedient wife! This is my house and If you cant follow my words, doors are open.”-He said in single breath. He was calm. He used this card of offending her self esteem every time he was out of any valid point. He knew She can never leave the house and him. He knew that for kids she will hold. HE knew for love-commitment-relationship, she will.

She uttered no word. Slowly she walked to bedroom.

She had a tough-long working day and at home this mess. She was habituated of all this humiliation. What pained her was- With every argue/fight/humiliation – the love/respect/truthfulness she had kept ignited within was fading.

She told kids a fairy tale. With every word of the story, she urged for some magic!

“I want coffee.”- He said. While she was telling kids story, he had already been in room. Waiting for kids to sleep perhaps, to raise his demands and rights.

She understood what he wants, but She was not ready for it.

“I want coffee. Cold coffee today with extra sugar. And I need it now.”-he ordered sinking back to his mobile screen.

She got his hints well.

“No force from my side. I cant force you! Its okay, if you don’t wish to…”-He didn’t finished the statement. He always used this trick and it worked every-time.

She turned lights off, slowly moved towards him and….



She slowly unveiled him. Gently, carefully, lovingly yet passionately! Her hands were moving on his naked body, playing the music he loved and longed for.. She bend down a little, allowing her body to lean on him. Her fingers caressed his hairs and her lips started conversations with his neck.

With closed eyes, The morning conversations popped out with the labels “whore, slut, ***”. Her tongue felt soar and her fingers froze..

She closed her eyes and reminded herself *Duties/Love/commitment/…*. 

She closed her eyes. She closed her heart and head too. 

And her tongue started exploring his bare back, tickling his nerves out. Her gentle kisses made him moan. His back and her lips, had a long beautiful conversation about making love.  He was laying like a king on the bed. She was making love, as she was asked to. And like a process, He turned around, to let her explore more of his body.

She closed her eyes. She reminded herself-*Duties/Love/commitment/…*

Her lips and fingers started playing with his every tissue, to make him feel loved. He was laying down, enjoying the process. Yes, the process.

For a moment, she had immense urge to kiss him. kiss him so deep that all his hatred evaporate and seeds of love blossom.. But, She didn’t, as He didn’t liked kissing any more.  She did “Exactly” everything that he loved and felt turned on with! For a moment, she urged for his touch, wanted his hands to…. -She blocked her imaginations too, and continued “the process”. Her lips, fingers and tongue served his body passionately. And as he loved/liked, She finished it too, with a blow job- a deep, wild one. Without any of his movement, effort, touch, participation- She made love to him. Single sided Love.

And  He was too high and exhausted to sleep in moments.

And it was impossible for her to sleep now.

She walked near window and look at the half moon. She ogled at the moon like she ogled at HIM. Not as process but with Love!


And she visualized him in front of her. She closed her eyes!

She was in some illusion, but she kept eyes closed to continue it.

He slowly walked to her, his fingers locked with hers. His and Her lags started moving in rhythm. He gently pushed Her towards the wall, where she rested steal. He moved too close to her that his breaths told Her- how much she was being missed! And He planted his lips on hers. The gentle and slow kiss went on to be deep, passionate soul touching kiss.

On her lips He left Freedom. On his lips She left Love.

* Mobile buzzed*

And She was dragged back to reality…

She looked at Him, having peaceful carefree sleep.

She closed her eyes. She reminded herself-*Duties/Love/commitment/…*

Tear drops silently ran over her lips, diluting the illusionary kissing marks.

She Bowed her hands and prayed The God almighty to forgive her *SIN*.

*SIN* to dream, *SIN* to seek love, *SIN* to seek Sex as well!

*Guilt*-She breathed guilt hence forth.

Who She was? a wife or a Whore?


  1. Very well expressed and presented Don Baa.


  2. Many will not comment but agree. Awesome write up Bhumika and I am saying this cuz it floods me with lot of emotions… Good job !!


  3. Hi,

    Congratulations! Your blog post was featured in the Spicy Saturday Picks edition on April 30, 2016 at BlogAdda.

    Please find it here:

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  4. Excellent piece of work. Kudos!

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  5. Brilliant expression..

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  6. she was wife, a simple life. she wanted love, support, respect, and quality time…. that’s all. 🙂
    beautiful article 🙂

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  7. Just two word “Beautifully crafted”.


  8. So beautifully written

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  9. why u fell for the men who don’t respect u..


    • What all I write is not always my story!
      I write what I observe/see/live/feel.
      And a girl falls for someone for the matter of little love and acceptance for few moments. Silly spices!


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