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The bravest thing you have ever done!

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Yes, You read the title right.

No, I am not going to boast about my bravest act but I wish to share and spread courage with affirmation.

indexI had been on “Quora” since long but have been active since few months. Using different modes of Social Media platform I have noted positive perspectives of every SM. I am addicted to Twitter (find me on Twitter -> HERE) since long and it has been my only source of keeping up to date with current affairs/news/controversies/information – everything! I have left Facebook like ages ago and never missed it to be back. Since I left facebook, I kinda got rid of wishing happy birthday/anniversary/this/that to the ones who never cared for my existence or exit. I left thousands of friends to be with my few adorable buddies- books!


And accidentally I met Quora one day ( Find me on Quora ->  HERE). Quora is a platform that is based on Questions and Answers. Now one must wonder that what shall be fun in such a social media?  I also had same feel earlier but since few months Quora has been kinda best buddy. I have been following strangers on Quora with interesting domains from compilers to relationship. And believe me, every time I open Quora, I find interesting answers that teaches something wonderful every time. Also I am glued to super interesting questions whom I answer as per my experience and expertise as per my ease. I keep many questions in “answer later” too! In short Quora inspires, helps, sorts and provides a creative way to invest time.

You must be thinking that why today I am doing this “Social Media Katha”?

Before a month or so, I came across a quora question- What is the bravest things you have ever done? and I had thought of writing something that had happened last year near Diwali. taking time out, I wrote the full episode that had been nightmare for months. A real long answer it was. I wrote it just to spread awareness and courage. surprisingly that answer got viral and had thousands of up-votes and hundreds of comments in just a day. I took care to answer each individual comment appreciating time they have invested in reading my such a long answer and sharing feedback too. I was overwhelmed by all the positive and motivating comments. The best experience was, I received so many private massages sharing their battles and adding that my story inspired them to fight back and stay strong. A student facing bully, A teenager girl facing eve teasing, a working mother victim of cyber bullying and many others said same- that they had taken this pain and suffering as their fate but after reading my story they decided to fight back and protect own dignity. I felt content, not for upvoted but for the message spread. Following is the link to that answer – which describes our(me and my two friends) battle to catch and get punished – a psychopath who was harassing more than 50 woman across Gujarat. Readers not only read such a long answer but also requested me to write the chase story- how police could spot the moron and how twitter helped us to get help from Smriti Iraniji and Anandiben Patel. I wrote the chase story and got the equal warm response. Strangers admiring truth, honesty and fight.

I was too occupied in responding to all messages and comments when something more surprising happened. The story took tall on social media in many possible forms, following are few –

One Tweet To Smriti Irani & NaMo Saved 50 Women From A Psychopath’s Harassment. Here’s How

And also Radio Mirchi approached me for an interview. (refer parts of Radio Interview here- )

RJ Rahil been too decent and humble to take the interview in best possible ways and it was aired same day in a one hour duration spreading strong massage to fight back and hold courage.

The last hit was- my students. My students read the Quora answer and acknowledged it with pride and appreciation. They promised me to raise their voice against all modes of wrongs and fight back for protecting own dignity.

I am happy that I could spread courage and positivity. 🙂

  1. YOU are amazing, do you know that? :* :*

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  2. Where can we hear that radio interview, ma’am?


  3. Quora is really good place atleast for me because my writing journey started from there only… Need to read now there on quora ☺

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