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Book Review ~ Secretly Yours by Vikrant Khanna

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Books Keep me up and high. I may forget carrying my purse with me but never a book! And breathing stories and words I have been associated with Blogadda Book reviews. It is always pleasure to opt for a book review from blogadda as most of the book the open for are superb in own genre.

This time I read “Secretly Yours” by Vikrant Khanna under same Book review program. I have been too choosy in reading love stories, as most of the Indian authors have disappointed me as far as love stories are concerned.

Yet, I had picked up “Secretly yours” by Vikrant khanna and following was my experience.


Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Limited (16 June 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0143425919
ISBN-13: 978-0143425915


” The story is based over the beautiful city of Shimla. A seventeen years Sahil is a lost teenager who has no goal in life and has more issues than candles his birthday cake would have. Sahil has lost his parents and lives with his grandmother, elder brother and a cousin. Sahil has no interest in socialization or studies. Music is the only thing which hangs on Sahil with life. The character of Sahil may resemble to many teenagers of this age who hate almost everything about their life and are never happy for anything. Sahil do have few friends yet not closed ones. Sahil don’t interact with his family even. Sahil plays guitar, reads books, drinks lot, cuts self, roams around alone. Sahil dreams to be an author one day and writes a novel. Sahil is someone very common to this generation.

The story revolves around Sahil’s zombiness and takes turns with the entry of a pretty girl Anya. Anya, who has enrolled in Sahil’s music academy, makes him fall for her on the first sight. After the flattering entry of Anya the pretty happy-go-lucky girl, the story revolves around Love-Ishq-Mahobbat and all. Sahil keeps on wooing Anya and Anya keeps on rejecting. Friend-zoned Sahil conveys his love to Anya many times but Anya surprisingly  rejects him and yet keeps on hanging around him. Anya and her friends behave suspicious adding mystery to the story.

Sahil, Anya, Love, Teenager issues – the story goes beyond this and talks about suspicious multiple murders. Every murder happening in Shimla, somehow surrounds Sahil and Anya. Story takes many turns towards the revelation of suspense. And of course I will not open any thread of it. “


  • Chapters are short. Language is simple.
  • Narrates issues common to most teenagers.
  • Talks about murder, rape and its emotional outburst.


  • The story is very loosely woven.
  • None of the character makes impression out on readers pace.
  • Characters are not developed properly.
  • Story is too slow and many times drives confusingly.
  • No logic, background research is done for writing crime scenes. Everything sounds too simple to crack down.
  • Suspense is too predictable and disappointing.
  • Story fails in gripping a reader’s mind.

Take out:  I will not conclude too negative yet to state positive review for this book is far too difficult for me. I literally felt disappointed for opting for this book’s review. From the beginning till end I had to drag myself to finish just for the sake of doing this review for blogadda. I have not read any other book by same author and I will not pick up after this one.

Though the final word may change as per one’s likes and reading habits. Dont judge from this review, but read on your own and find out how the book is!


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