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Book Review: Curfewed Night by Bashrat Peer

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I have been too much curious to know about Kashmir stories, which made me read many books written on theme of Kashmir from different point of views. With same curiosity I had opted for Curfewed Night- By Bashrat Peer and The one word Review I can share is : DISAPPOINTMENT.

If I have to narrate more – Crap, Biased, Fake, Pseudo Secular, Terrorism oriented.

Let me try and express little more with words, my journey through this 239 pages. Yes I will call it 239 pages which wasted my total time and energy. Also it made damage on my emotional-intellectual system.

The author has been born-brought up in Kashmir and tries to narrate Kashmiriyat- in his words, which turns out to be Jihad supporting, terrorist pro tale. The story is about a Muslim family living in Kashmir. The story is about Author’s own family and life. Since childhood author narrates Kashmiri Separatists as his idols. The story moves ahead from author’s school to college in Delhi. At every time-lapse Author remembers to give emphasis on how barbaric Indian arm forces had been and how holy Jihadi’s goal had been! Even being a successful journalist from Delhi, all author notes about Kashmir is barbaric torture of Army on Karshmiris, no where mentioning tragedy Kashmiri Pandits have lived in same time-era. With every detailed incident of killing-gang rape-torture, author provokes the readers to hate Indian arm forces and sympathize stone pelters-separatist- Kashmiri Jihadists. Even at many places he openly accepts love of Kashmiri Muslims for Pakistan and hate for India.

The book is total biased narration wrote to sympathies the Jihadi mindsets in support of Pakistan.

Till I reached to end of the book, I had slight hope that somewhere author will keep bias aside and talk about Kashmiri Pandit’s exodu or love for nation. But I was highly disappointed. This book was waste of time and it even damaged my emotional-intellectual assets beyond repair.


I wont waste much time to share information of author here neither of book. I will just advise you to pick any- ANY damn book but not this.



NO-KIRA : India reality for Akira fantasy

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I want to tell you few stories today!

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princes… ❤

wait, let me start in a new way… Not with words but with images…

Observe the following images and tell me what story/stories it tells you?

Image result for rapunzel story animatedImage result for cinderella story animated step by step

Image result for cinderella story animated step by step

Image result for rapunzel story animated   Image result for rapunzel story animated

Image result for cinderella story animated step by step

Image result for cinderella story animated step by stepImage result for rapunzel story animatedImage result for rapunzel story animated

Image result for cinderella story animated step by step

Image result for rapunzel story animated

Image result for cinderella story animated


So this tangled images narrates two stories, RIGHT?

Cinderella and Rapunzel ❤ In first few image stills….


Image result for frozen princess and prince    Image result for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs prince

Image result for Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas prince Image result for princes and frog movie

Image result for Mulan and princeImage result for Sleeping Beauty


Every  image above relates to a movie here… .

Frozen princess, Snow white, Beauty and the beast, Princess and the frog,   Mulan , sleeping beauty…. ❤ ❤ ❤

Amazing stories! Right?


Now see the below given images….

Image result for akira movieImage result for akira movie

Image result for akira movie Image result for akira movie

Image result for akira hindi movie

Now, which story you relate with this images?

Of course the recent bollywood movie- Akira.

Co-written, directed, and produced by AR Murugadoss with Sonakshi Sinha, Konkarna Sen, Anurag Kashyap in lead roles, Akira tells a story too loud.


Now, let me ask you a simple question..

How the earlier set of Disney princess movies relate with later Bollywood movie- Akira?

Any relation, similarity, contradiction?

Let me answer this question with a small dialogue with my dotty.

Before few days we- me and Heer went on a movie date. Akira was the movie this date. Though the movie was not a a kid’s movie, yet I recommended everyone in my friends and circle to watch the movie, especially with their kids(daughter to be specific).


Let me conclude that in words of my 7 and half years old.

Heer –  Mumma, this one is my favourite hero!

I – Beta who?


I- Beta He means Hero and She means Heroine.. what are you talking about?

Heer-Mumma, I am talking about Akira, She and yet Hero. She is my favourite hero!

I-Achha… Why?

Heer-You remember we had seen that movie of princess?

I-We have seen so many princess movies.. which one? and how that relates here with Akira?

Heer- Mumma, you don’t listen to me ever! You remember that movie of Snow white? than that of Frozen Princess? Also that Tangled/ Rapunzel? and Cinderella… also beauty and the beast. and….”

I-Yes beta.. I remember them all.. We have seen almost every Disney Princess movie.. What’s point here?

Heer-That’s the point mumma! In all those movies the princess awaited for prince to help, rescue and make them happy. Every princess had a prince, a hero to fight for her and save her. But AKIRA did it all on her own! She needed no prince. She been Hero for own fight and victory. She is my favourite Hero. I want to be like her!

I was speechless.

The whole drive from movie to home We were silent. Both mother and daughter were lost in thoughts.


No! I am not going to write movie review of Akira. Neither this is a paid promotional post.

I waited for more than 15 days to write this post, to write it out of movie effect.

Are you getting my point here?

  • NO?

Let me add one more dialogue here!

My seven and half years old daughter and my mother in law were chatting. Heer told her dadi the story of the movie Akira with enthusiasm and excitement. After narrating the story she concluded too.

Heer- Dadi, I want to be like Akira.

Dadi- Why? You want to be Gundi?

Heer- No, Dadi, I want to be like Akira.. Hero.

Dadi- Why? What all they show in movie is not good for us. We should not follow them.

Heer- But dadi, I want to fight for justice and rights like Akira.

Dadi- You should not fight with anyone. A girl should not fight.

Heer- Dadi, What if someone hurts my friends? I can help my friends if I fight like Akira, right?

Dadi- No. You should not fight for anyone. girls don’t fight. It don’t sound/look good.

Heer- But Dadi, if someone try to hurt me than? I will have to fight right?

Dadi- Why you will do something such that someone will try hurt to you? Good girls behave good and never do argues/fights and help their mothers and study well and follow family traditions…

Heer(a little disappointed)- I want to join karate classes. I want to learn self defence.. mumma said…

Dadi-No need to. There are so many good skills to learn.. Learn- cooking, dancing, helping mother, drawing etc.. What’s point in learning fighting… We are no goons. You have to be a good girl not a gundi.

And now it was Heer’s turn to go speechless.


SO! The story I want to tell you is of an Indian girl.

An average Indian Girl.. Who is raised to be a good girl. Sanskari, Sabhya, Sushil, Susankrut, Gharelu, Samzdar, Balidaan ki murat, Silent, Sahanshil and the list goes on… Who is trained to be an ideal Bahu regardless whatever she dreams to be! “Who will merry you?”- is the nightmare she is programmed with. Marriage is her only life destination and goal. Cooking, Cleaning, keeping family members happy, sacrificing own happiness, crying silently, keeping mouth shut always- is what she is taught to do. For anything unusual or challenging, she is denied permission. She has to take permission even to step out her own house. And most of the time she is assisted by a male member of her house. No, not for her protection… But mostly to keep watch on her. To observe her and to restrict her.

“GOOD GIRL dos and donts”– the check list is long and keeps on expanding.

How can a girl dream to break this stereo type?

How a girl can decide to be good or little bad or bad for a while on own choices?

How can a girl deny taking help from men of her family?

How can a girl fight her own battle?

How can a girl be Hero!



AKIRA, A movie which is not extra ordinary movie. A typical bollywood masala movie you can rate it. But the best thing about movie I found was-

  • Akira’s father trains her for self defence.
  • Akira learns fight and from small age, start raising for own rights!
  • Akira is not sorry for her past and is proud of what she is.
  • Akira resists and fights for everything wrong comes her ways.
  • Akira likes her bhabhi’s brother but never depends on him or her own brother to help her.
  • Akira never calls out for hero to rescue her…

Last but not least…

  • Akira never dances around trees or never performs on any cheap item song, not even in dreams!


I am happy my daughter found AKIRA as her role model… what about you?

Book Review: Faster, Smarter, Higher: Managing Your Career by Utkarsh Rai

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Self help books somehow have never appealed me, yet one book has changed my perception! “Faster , Smarter , Higher – Managing your career” is a Book that will appeal everyone and help too.

This book helps in organizing and managing a successful career. Almost everyone who wish to rise high in their career depend on expertise on subjective matter and not on their skill. from Experts to managers, from employees to entrepreneur-it targets everyone. Though beginners who are stepping into professional world can be most benefited by the book, if implement and practice all what it talks about.


In this era of competition, we all face different professional threats. For different layers of corporate and social corpse, different challenges are faced. This book helps in overcoming issues and fighting fears. The insights given in the book helps one to excel one’s career to new heights.

Key points that I found worth noting (quoted from the book):
1) Never ask your manager ‘when can I get promoted?’. Instead, the right question is ‘what skills do I need to demonstrate to move to the next level?’
2) You need to subtly beat your own drum without being pompous about it. The best way to increase your visibility is to interact with more and more people, especially those high in the hierarchy
3) As a manager, the more you empower your employees, the more they take their job seriously and deliver with full accountability and responsibility
4) As a manager, earn your respect than demand it. Respect is directly proportional to a person’s behaviour rather than their position
5) It is very important to increase your interactions with stakeholders of the next level and to make them aware of your contributions, skills and your capabilities

It is also evident that this book provides straight guides. The author has used simple language so that readers could easily get what he tries to convey. He also adds up more information through the advice and case studies.

This book can be best suggested for those who want to improve with career perspective and also to those who love reading non fiction. Language simplicity and sharp Ideas makes this book Perfect!


About the Book:

Title : Faster, Smarter, Higher : Managing Your Career

Author :  Utkarsh Rai

Publisher : Rupa Publications India

Genre : Non Fiction / Management

ISBN : 9788129137500, 812913750X

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :


The bravest thing you have ever done!

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Yes, You read the title right.

No, I am not going to boast about my bravest act but I wish to share and spread courage with affirmation.

indexI had been on “Quora” since long but have been active since few months. Using different modes of Social Media platform I have noted positive perspectives of every SM. I am addicted to Twitter (find me on Twitter -> HERE) since long and it has been my only source of keeping up to date with current affairs/news/controversies/information – everything! I have left Facebook like ages ago and never missed it to be back. Since I left facebook, I kinda got rid of wishing happy birthday/anniversary/this/that to the ones who never cared for my existence or exit. I left thousands of friends to be with my few adorable buddies- books!


And accidentally I met Quora one day ( Find me on Quora ->  HERE). Quora is a platform that is based on Questions and Answers. Now one must wonder that what shall be fun in such a social media?  I also had same feel earlier but since few months Quora has been kinda best buddy. I have been following strangers on Quora with interesting domains from compilers to relationship. And believe me, every time I open Quora, I find interesting answers that teaches something wonderful every time. Also I am glued to super interesting questions whom I answer as per my experience and expertise as per my ease. I keep many questions in “answer later” too! In short Quora inspires, helps, sorts and provides a creative way to invest time.

You must be thinking that why today I am doing this “Social Media Katha”?

Before a month or so, I came across a quora question- What is the bravest things you have ever done? and I had thought of writing something that had happened last year near Diwali. taking time out, I wrote the full episode that had been nightmare for months. A real long answer it was. I wrote it just to spread awareness and courage. surprisingly that answer got viral and had thousands of up-votes and hundreds of comments in just a day. I took care to answer each individual comment appreciating time they have invested in reading my such a long answer and sharing feedback too. I was overwhelmed by all the positive and motivating comments. The best experience was, I received so many private massages sharing their battles and adding that my story inspired them to fight back and stay strong. A student facing bully, A teenager girl facing eve teasing, a working mother victim of cyber bullying and many others said same- that they had taken this pain and suffering as their fate but after reading my story they decided to fight back and protect own dignity. I felt content, not for upvoted but for the message spread. Following is the link to that answer – which describes our(me and my two friends) battle to catch and get punished – a psychopath who was harassing more than 50 woman across Gujarat. Readers not only read such a long answer but also requested me to write the chase story- how police could spot the moron and how twitter helped us to get help from Smriti Iraniji and Anandiben Patel. I wrote the chase story and got the equal warm response. Strangers admiring truth, honesty and fight.

I was too occupied in responding to all messages and comments when something more surprising happened. The story took tall on social media in many possible forms, following are few –

One Tweet To Smriti Irani & NaMo Saved 50 Women From A Psychopath’s Harassment. Here’s How

And also Radio Mirchi approached me for an interview. (refer parts of Radio Interview here- )

RJ Rahil been too decent and humble to take the interview in best possible ways and it was aired same day in a one hour duration spreading strong massage to fight back and hold courage.

The last hit was- my students. My students read the Quora answer and acknowledged it with pride and appreciation. They promised me to raise their voice against all modes of wrongs and fight back for protecting own dignity.

I am happy that I could spread courage and positivity. 🙂

Unacademy~ Education for everyone!

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If you have not Read my below mentioned Post, You better listen to a story first!

You will be automatically directed to read the thread later…


Actionable Dreams~ Gaurav Munjal shows path to achieve dreams! 



Once upon a time {Yes, every story has to start with -once upon a time hence this to..}…

Once upon a time- there lived a middle class, average at appearance but brilliant at brain Girl- in a city. She was extrovert, outspoken, bold, courageous yet far too simple to express herself. She had zillion dreams in her big brown eyes.  She was topper in studies too! Because of her leadership qualities and brilliance, she was in good book/favourite list of all her school teacher. Kinda- a perfect childhood she had! Loving family, memorable school life and  strong educational background.

And the coin flipped.

After schooling, She got admission in Computer Engineering at a reputed Engineering College. She and her family were happy and hopeful about her bright future now.

As soon as the college started, She realised this is not going to be easy. starting from language barrier to grasping speed, it was difficult for her to catch up with her faculties and class. She tried noting down everything she could, but that was never enough. She gave her best, but the examination of first semester blown her off.

The brilliant topper girl had now fallen to be an average six pointer. Just a SIX pointer!

She struggled the other semester too. To prove her hard work, willingness to study and commitment towards career and studies- She put her best.

The result of second semester was little better than first, but yet she was just a – SIX point Something.

Her parents and She expected more than what she was performing.

Neither she had lost her focus, nor she was being irresponsible. What was wrong?- They could not find out!

Four years passed out, labelling her average student- with scorecard ranging from six pointer to seven pointer. That’s it.


She is now teaching in a reputed Engineering Institute. She is in her student’s Favourite list too. She enjoys teaching. She enjoys learning too!

Been labelled as an Average Student, now She understands difficulties of average students very well.

She believes- Like all your fingers don’t have same length, all students can not learn at same pace and speed. Some students do understand quickly, while some need to take time and revisions.

Hence, Teaching Mass with same methodology and speed affects understanding and wavelength of students.

What is solution? What can be solution?

She kept on searching for solution to teach all students equally.

And one fine morning, She got the spark of that solution in a talk! Yes, I am talking about the same TED talk linked in starting of this post. if you are too lazy to scroll up to refer the talk, let me provide it again. 🙂

Actionable Dreams~ Gaurav Munjal shows path to achieve dreams! 

Gaurav Munjal has proposed a solution to HER problem as- Not all students can perceive/understand/learn at same speed. So what we need? We need open classrooms. where one can learn/study on own time/flexibility. Also can revise/replay again, if can not get the topic at once. – mode of video lessons delivered on span of less than ten minutes. Gaurav Munjal added that as the length of the lesson increases, concentration of student decays.

Gaurav Munjal also Quotes- “High quality education should be affordable and accessible for everyone.”

Unacademy – – is a revolutionary solution which has hit the knowledge boundaries! It gives power to every individual to share their knowledge to spread open-free education.

I am happy and proud to be a contributor at Unacademy. Following is my Profile Link, where all my lessons shall be available. Please do follow, share your feedback and also support this novel and noble concept of Free education.


She, The average Student- She, The exceptional teacher- is now Happy and sorted.

Book Review- The Bestseller She Wrote By Ravi Subramanian

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What will happen if someday Abbas Mastan starts making Romantic movies? What will happen if someday Akshay Kumar decides to do only Art Movies? What will happen if Sunidhi Chauhan for a change decides to Act in place of singing? What will happen if Sachin Tendulkar enters positive politics?

– Taking on positive node, These possibilities may create wonders-magic or spark! Changing field of expertise or genre is what all can not do! It needs guts and lots of courage to enter a new area and try to establish self!

Ravi Subramanian has succeeded the same! Yes, we are talking about “The Ravi Subramanian”.  Wikipedia introdeces him as-

Author Ravi.jpg

Ravi Subramanian is an Indian author. A banker by profession, Subramanian has written popular thrillers about banking and bankers, including award winning trilogy The Incredible Banker, The Bankster and Bankerupt. An alumnus of IIM Bangalore, batch of 1993, Subramanian spent close to two decades in the financial services industry. After having worked with companies such as Citibank, HSBC and ANZ Grindlays, Subramanian is now the CEO of a listed Non-banking financial company.

Subramanian writes popular columns for well-known magazines and has his own personal weekly column in the career and business life page of The Economic Times. Subramanian says “I will be satisfied if people remember me as the Grisham of banking,” referring to the American author best known for his legal thrillers.”


“The Best Seller She Wrote” is not just great read but also perfectly fit for Bollywood too. The book is all-spicy, fast paced, contemporary and unputdownable. Apart from banking as well as thrillers, Ravi Subramanian has conquered the forte of Romance genre too (of course Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta are going to have a tough competitor) !

So What is the story about?

Aditya Kapoor(I wonder why all Kapoors always have everything non-Kapoors are dreaming from centuries!) is a successful banker with a perfect life, beautiful wife, job paying thick. Apart from the usual achievements of roti-kapda or makan, Aditya Kapoor has also achieved fulfilling his passion-dream of being successful author. Aditya Kapoor and his wife Maya are portrayed as perfect couple(and where the bell rings about the story turns!) living happy perfect life.

Tell me one thing that can screw and turn happy-go-lucky life total mess?

Yes, you got it right! – Ishq/Mahobbat/Pyar ❤

One fine morning when there is no guitar playing in background, neither sunflowers are dancing in nearby farm, Aditya meets a young and zealous management trainee from IIMB- Shreya. While working together, Aditya climbs steps of- friendzone-likezone-lovezone and enters in a new mess called “Extra Marital Affair”. on the other side ofthe story, Shreya is very focused on her motive of being successful-best selling author using Aditya as stepping stone. Story travels through many twists and turns touching lives of Aditya, Maya and Shreya.

What happens with lives of Aditya. Maya and Shreya?- you have to read the book and find out on own!

The Best Seller She wrote is about clandestine love, deceit, betrayal, loss, sleeze, rejection and dejection.


On a lighter note, The Best Seller She Wrote – opens up life of writers to the world!

Ravi Subramanian provides fascinating insight into the lives of writers. The book might be fiction, but truth abounds on every page.

1)  Its not at all easy top be a Writers’ spouse. – Yes, Its not easy to live with someone who spends almost all time alone in own imaginary world, thinking about plots-stories-characters and living many illusionary stories all together.

2) Writing will not earn bread and butter- Yes, One can not think of writing as full time job. Though these days writers can shine out in multiple dimensions from writing books, columns, talk-shows, reality shows and many more, yet – writing dont pay as much as to live a lavish life. One has to do a secure job and count on writing as passion fulfilled in part time!

3) Editors are frustrated writers who can’t even “write a line for nuts.” – Lets not comment, as I will too need an editor someday! 😉



Those familiar with Subramanian’s books expect twists. He does not disappoint. The twists tie the readers into knots until we resemble hot jalebis. Eventually, all the pieces are laid out and untwisted nicely. For those who worry this romance novel deviates from Subramanian’s expertise in banking, fear not. The banking world plays a critical role. But, rather than the plot revolving around numbers and complex banking transactions, this story offers more insight than any of his other books into the personal side of corporate banking politics.


Shreya’s characterization lacks depth and complexity in places. For example, we don’t learn about Shreya’s relationship with her parents from Shreya herself. Instead, Shreya’s best friend Suniana communicates these critical character details to us. At one point, Reader feels frustrated with Shreya’s role as the corrupt woman out to manipulate Aditya through sex. gradually, we learn the truth about Shreya. Although it doesn’t absolve her of her guilt, it does paint a more lethal picture of her motivation. Little unjustifiable as per the pretext characterization of Shreya.


Author Connect:

Ravi Subramanian’s Website:


Twitter: @subramanianravi

Instagram: Ravi Subramanian on Instagram


Buy book:

Video 1:

Video 2:



“The Best Seller she Wrote” is Strongly recommended to readers looking for a change from the usual Love-sex-dhoka kind of romances (read: high school crushes, college love stories, IIT/IIM romcoms, blah-blah-blah … ) flooding the Indian market. This book is sure to leave Ravi’s fans mesmerised and engrossed.



I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

Beep Beep Beep. Pardon, repeat, revise, UPDATE!

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I wanted to write this one since long and finally!

So, before writing about “swear words”, I asked myself, how about doing some homework on it? Though I have quite lot knowledge on swear words as working at Surat 🙂 .. Yet, I attempted to find out more- on swear words…And what I found?


I apologize if above screenshot has offended your sanity or civilization! 🙂

But I need a kind favor from you, if possible! No, you need not to abuse anyone or use swear words here. I am asking only favor that- brainstorm a little and let your treasure of swear words be refreshed.

Now, let me know how many swear words you know- which are neither based on woman/woman body parts nor on sex/sexuality?

Okay, I am waiting for your answer!

My point is clearly visible in above image.

Now, let me ask you one more question,

Why you utter a swear word/Gali?

Your obvious answer will be- Swear words are anger exhaust! When you are angry, frustrated, emotionally unstable, not well- you utter swear word to exhaust your inside bursts.

Famous Gujarati writer Chandrakant Baxi quoted-“Swear words are kinda emotional menstruation for Men.”

Yes, swear words/galis do help in relieving emotional outburst. Even doctors and psychotherapist agree to this fact that galis/swear words exhaust emotional trauma and lessens chances of heart attack.

Now, I have not written this post to promote usage of galis, as our civilization and social norms don’t consider usage of galis/swear words as decency.

My point lies in next question-

If you are angry with your friend Mr.XYZ, how you will abuse him?

indexYour obvious answer may lie in image besides or screenshot above!

And that’s point I object on!

I object!

I object!


My head and heart together process this issue as- when you are angry with Mr.XYZ and you have strong urge to abuse him, you actually abuse his mother/sister/wife! Why?

I object labeling woman as “Ghar ki only possible Izzat” or “Sole Pride and Respect of Family”.

Don’t MAN bare and wear self respect, self esteem, pride? If they do- abuse them on their personalized qualities you hate, target them- not woman of their family!

Woman don’t mean sole source/reason for Shame or Respect!

Second point where my head pinches is- Do you really feel shame for your sexual behavior, sexual orientation, sexual activities or as whole SEX?

ssIf no, why to abuse someone on sexuality and sexual body parts or sexual behavior?

Swear words associated with Sex has tabooed Sex the most.

Swear words associated with woman and sexuality- shows you are ashamed of them both!- Have you ever realized that?

Are you ashamed?

If yes, Shrink back to useless sperm and get back to your mothers holy womb!

If no, take a moment and think about future generations. When you inherit them culture, wealth, love… You inherit them misconceptions too!

Your Sexism over swearwords will make future generation degrade/devalue woman and sex.

Make your take!

Woman or Sex- neither is dirty or shameful!

Now, If you have got my point, your next question must be- if we eliminate all sexist swear words- what shall remain?

My answer is- create new swear words, keeping in mind that- If you are angry/frustrated with Mr. XYZ, you are bullying him over his qualities/weakness only!

lets try making new swear words!

** DailySoapiya : Person who watched too many daily soaps. 

** SocialKida : One who is 24 hours online on all social medias

** Dumbhead : the person who disobeys laws or dishonors others

** Chatcat : the one who chats even in sleep

🙂 I tried my creativity… Now float yours! Don’t forget to comment your views!

Let’s revise and update our treasure of Swear Words.

#HeSheStory ~ Life lived in words, from different worlds!

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“You there?”-He.


“What almost means?”-He.

“Almost mean…. almost! :p “-She.



“Good Morning! 🙂 “- She.

“GM. Busy day ahead. Have wonderful time ahead.” – He.

“Dafa!” – She.

“What it means?” – He.

“Dafa ho! 😉 “-She.

“Dafa ho… similar to, dfaq?”-He.

“You are busy, please continue!” -She.

“But then what it meant?”-He.

“Get lost!”-she.



“So, holiday today?”-She.


“What are plans ahead? 🙂 “-She.

“Little busy here and there. Nothing much. Say…”- He.

“Hmmm.. 🙂 “-She.


“Hmmm again..”-She.

“I hate when you say hmm, say something!”-He.

“Something. 🙂 😉 “-She.




“You there?”-She.

“Okay, I will not disturb more! 😦 “-She.

“Are you avoiding me or busy? Please reply once!”-She.

“Okay. I got it. I understand! 😦 “-She.

“Hey, how you can think of all this crape? I was just messed up somewhere!”-He.





“Are you there?”-He.


“What that means?”-He.

“Main yaha hoon, yaha hoon, yaha hoon.. yaha! 😉 “-She.

“What that means?”-He.



“Whats up?”-He.

“Having tea. 🙂 “-She.

“Don’t you consume too much tea?”-He.

“I don’t count and plan about what all I love 😉 .”-She.

“That’s so hopeless answer.”-He.

“Yes it is, So I am.”-She.

“Tell me how much water you drink daily?”-He.

“What? Don’t ask my weight next! 😮 “-She.

“Why don’t you take your health seriously?”-He.

“At a time I can take only one thing seriously!”-She.

“Take health seriously then!”-He.

“I took You! Let me change to…”-She.



“Good Morning. 🙂 “- He.

“GM.”- She.

“Hows you? Whats up?”-He.

” ( I don’t wanna disturb or distract you. 😦 ) GO and WORK.”-She.

“Are you serious?”-He.

“( I am following what you said.)”-She.

“OKAY. Do as you wish.”-He.

“(OK. Ok. ok. 😦 😦 )”-She.

“I take back my words. Talk to me Idiot.”-He.

“(I will not, you said me not to when you are at work.)”-She.

“Idiot. I cant work without talking to you!”-He.

“(Your problem. )”-She.

“Idiot, My problem is you. speak up you idiot.”-He.

“IT WAS A DEMO. It was tough!”-She.

“Never do it again.”-He.



“Idiot! 🙂 “-He.

“Idiot! 🙂 “-She.

Internationally Irrational Questions to celebrate “An Average Women’s Day” …

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Tomorrow is 8th March- “International Women’s Day”.

Flipcart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Goodread,Twitter, Facebook- even Prime Minister’s Office has also reminded me that!

Kinda Its a day if I will forget or will not celebrate being woman, the world will end and I will be the sole responsible.

Yes, I am biologically a Woman, and I need not to add I am proud of being. I count myself more a Human than narrowing the categorization towards being woman.

Okay, I am born as XX Chrome, But I don’t expect extra respect, care, concern, sympathy or special advantages for that reason! Instead, This “Women’s Day”, being Woman, I urge all to respect, love, care, concern for all Humans- same ways.

Badly we need “Human’s Day” in place of “Women’s Day”!

I don’t mind wishing you- “Happy Women’s Day”, as far as the wish and words are not charged or taxable. But, My inner voice wants to have a dialogue with you, will you entertain that?

Just few Questions, if you answer it honestly, believe me-  I will not only wish you “Happy Women’s Day” but will sing, post, spread it loud.


Woman, When its Internationally your day few things are bothering me lately.

*  Why your world is so Pink?


– Don’t answer like- Its my favorite color. I cant believe that. In the world rich of billions of beautiful colors/shades, how can the half of the world love a single color? Stop Lying to yourself first.

– Accept, Before you started recognizing colors, you are colored Pink. Before you were born even, you were portrayed, prototyped to be PINK.

– Poor you, who accepted that color as your favorite without exploring the whole rainbow out!


* Why you emphasize on beauty so much?


– Has your family doctor instructed you that- if you will stop looking pretty, you will die?

– Ever your family, friends or loved one’s complained about your looks? I feel they will not, as the one who loves you will find you beautiful in any ugly situation even.

– Don’t you realize, when someone is attracted from your beauty, its merely Physical? Looking Hot, Sexy, sizzling, Stunning, gorgeous, Pretty, Beautiful may sound good to ears.. But admiration-praise-acceptance of your intellect, skills, nature- as a whole you is worth.

– Efforts you make to look beautiful, will never be enough. Direct them towards your hobbies/passion/likes… you will be beautiful automatically. as..

“Happiness can bring that Beauty and Charm that no beauty treatment or make-up can add!”


* Skin color is why so vital for you? Why your skin complexion adds complex(inferiority/superiority) to your being?


– Don’t give excuse that you don’t bother much for your complexion. I just need to open up your purse or table drawer to prove.

– How can you tolerate even imagine that acclaiming success in any field needs a fair complexion?

– Whether you aspire to top Board exams or you want to be placed in any MNC, all you need is to look fairer? Are you just that skin color? Or beyond that too?

– I have lived 34 years successfully without using any fairness product. In academics, personally, professionally- without taking advantage of skin color and it works perfect- Believe me!


* Why your life revolves around the term PMS? Periods/Menstruation- is a biological process, why such fuss?


– Being XX chrome, knowing your body and biology is normal and much needed.

– Every month, or at regular period why that PMS should ruin your mood, relations, engagements, performance? Period is as tiny an issue as an actual period (.) is.

– Since first time you bleeded, every month you have it as nightmare. Why such fear? cant periods be made Happy, happening and positive? Yes, definitely!

– If you don’t agree with last statement, let me ask you- How much aware you are about sanitary facilities and choices? Had you ever discussed your menstruation issues/doubts  with any one? Do you scientifically know and understand menstruation? If NOT- that’s reason behind your panic/fear/nightmare behind PMS and Menstruation.

– Do you feel ashamed while buying sanitary pads? Do you follow rituals and don’t touch your loved one’s during those days? You are not allowed to enter kitchen, go to temple or work normally?- If yes, Ask WHY and stop following rituals blindly! Open up, Open up self for your self!

-Handle your menstruation wisely/happyly/hygienic ways. Explore and select sanitary options as per your body needs consulting expert if needed.


* Why taking permission is so subtle for you? Why you don’t have your voice?


– Being silent, obedient, culture driven, religiously blind, ritually dumb- is that all you have to be?

– Why you need to follow everything society, family, parents “Wants” you to? They also can be wrong in some cases, Do you correct them? Why not?

– Why you make it a habit to take permission for everything/anything? Can’t  you hold responsibility for what you are doing? Can’t you be bold enough to make your decisions, follow them and pay for them even when it falls apart?

– Why you “Have to” be always good? Why you need to be “Ideal” and “Godly” ? Its perfectly alright to be selfish, little rotten, insane, crazy, weird, odd and psyche. Between good and bad, their lays zillions shades of a human, try them all out!



Answer yourself! And if feel really worth- Wish your self- “Happy Human’s Day!” AKA “Happy Women’s Day!”

Akshaya Patra~ Video share for #BlogToFeedAChild

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If above Video touched your soul, you are still Human and can help in making world better. How?

Change With Akshaya Patra Foundation.

What is Akshaya Patra Foundation?

What it is doing?

How Akshaya Patra Foundation is making ‘Change’?

Akshaya Patra Foundation feeds one child for full year with just 750rs of your contribution. How?

{ Donation Link}

And how Akshaya Patra Foundation serves nutritious and healthy food?

Akshaya Patra Foundation highlights:

– Narayana Murthy’s Speech in Kolkatta about Akshaya Patra Foundation:

– Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s visit to Akshaya Patra Foundation:

– Morari Bapu Speaks about The Akshaya Patra Foundation:

– Bill Clinton amazed by Akshaya Patra’s efforts:


This Post is dedicated to Blogadda’s initiative for #BlogToFeedAChild

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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